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Weed no more!

Lifestyles Day1 183 Low Res APL front garden maintenance

We understand that waking up to a stunning landscape makes you feel good, naturally. We want our homeowners to enjoy a leafy outlook from the day they move in. That’s why every one of our homes has a landscaped front garden filled with mature plants — it’s one of the things that makes our communities feel immediately liveable.

And the best part? Our passionate on-site gardeners keep the front gardens and all landscaped areas looking gorgeous all year round, so homeowners can enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces without the hard work. What a tree-t!

A team of over 30 full-time staff from Absolute Plants and Landscapes (APL) work across our Lifestyle Communities® sites, maintaining the landscaping to the highest standards with regular upkeep and re-planting works throughout the year. Now that deserves a big (green) thumbs up!

Tending to our gardens since 2013, the APL team have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the needs of our homeowners and ensure that everyone can delight in the presentation of all our communities.

“We are constantly looking for new ideas and pushing the boundaries to get great results. We are completely invested in the relationship and treat the designs and upkeep of the communities as if they were our own.”

David Absalom, APL Director

Forget growing the garden by trowel and error — Lifestyle Communities® homeowners feel a sense of re-leaf, knowing they can come home to a beautiful front garden without lifting a finger. All that’s left to do is eat, drink and be rosemary!

Those who love tinkering in the garden are well catered for and can plant, pot and sow to their heart’s content. Our homes’ backyards provide the perfect space for homeowners to create their very own natural sanctuary.

Doesn’t that sound just dandy?