Retirement Planning
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Things to consider when Downsizing For Retirement

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There are a few things you should take into account when downsizing for retirement. Discover the key to stress-free retirement living with Lifestyle Communities. Explore our innovative downsizing solutions designed for individuals over 50, offering a carefree lifestyle, secure gated communities, and the freedom to embark on new adventures.

Lifestyle Communities: Pioneers in Downsizing for Retirement

If you’re over 50 and feel that your family home is becoming a burden, freeing up your assets with a Lifestyle Communities downsizing for retirement could be the breath of fresh air you’ve needed. Our pre-retirement properties are the perfect choice for those who feel that they’re bearing the responsibilities for a family home they no longer need and could benefit from the opportunity to free up their hard-earned assets for personal enjoyment. Instead of waiting another decade before rushing into a retirement scheme, why not make moves now and invest in a low-maintenance lifestyle?

In other words, we’re not a retirement village! What we are is a pre-retirement lifestyle opportunity provider, offering over-50s the chance to buy a mortgage-free community-supported property within close proximity to easy-access resort style luxury amenities and social opportunities. Many of our homeowners are actually still in work and have found that by freeing up assets with one of our properties while they’re still earning, they’ve been able to extend that period of peace and relaxation that is often associated with retirement age.

What are the Benefits of Downsizing for Retirement with Lifestyle Communities?

Enjoy a Carefree Lifestyle

Leave behind the stuffy idea of retirement we all know and choose a downsizing for retirement instead within one of our 25 magical gated communities in Victoria. We have a large range of home types and retirement units for sale in Melbourne and across Victoria that are all managed by the communities' individual Homeowner Committee, so you don’t have to bear the burden of repair and improvement. These are low-maintenance properties, perfect for those who want to enjoy the local environment without feeling under pressure to manage and maintain the area individually. It’s community-managed living at its best!

Free yourself from Mortgage Pressure

New Homeowners are then free of mortgage pressure and don’t have to deal with the fuss of rate rises or the constant negative press.a chain The site’s weekly lease fees are kept at a competitively low rate and are then channelled back into supporting the community itself, so you are able to see your contribution benefit the site as a whole.

Safety and Security of a Gated Community

Our communities are one of the most popular choices for women over 50 thanks to our outstanding security protocols. If being a gated pre-retirement community wasn’t already enough to ensure an additional layer of protection for homeowners, we have multiple community managers who can directly monitor properties and handle any issues that arise. You are being looked out for 24/7, so you can sleep easy.

Downsizing Retirement Options: The Future of Real Estate

In our post-covid society, many people are investing in opportunities to explore and take part in adventures at home and beyond. Our downsizing retirement solution is the perfect choice for keen travellers and those who are hoping to rejoin the world on a larger scale! Our lock-up and leave process gives residents peace of mind by notifying site managers of an absence, so they can keep up additional security around your property while you are away. Pre-retirement options rarely offer this kind of protection and support, but we believe in giving people the chance to live their best lives as soon as possible, so we’ve got your back. Why not see what opportunities could be awaiting you? We've got a range of different downsizing homes for sale across our retirement villages in Mornington, Melbourne & Victoria. You’re just one click away from the life you’ve been dreaming of!