What exactly is a 90 year lease?

We offer a 90 year secure lease on the land on which your home resides. Keep reading to learn more about this including what it is and why it's a great!

Lyndarum Streetscape

What it is

Your 90 year lease serves as a second asset as it provides a long term right and interest in the land and as the value of the land increases so does the value of the lease. This means, should you at some point choose to sell your home, you will benefit from any increases in value the land lease has acquired which is provided to you a return on the sale price.

Learn more about the Lifestyle Communities® difference by watching the video below:

10 reasons why your 90 year land lease is an asset

  • When you buy a house at Lifestyle Communities® you have two assets: the value of the house – you own the home; and the value of the land – the 90 year lease provides you the right to use the land.
  • The house – just like your current house you can add to its value by making improvements to it eg. adding a new deck.
  • The Land – the value of the lease increases as the value of the land increases. Our communities are located in property growth areas.
  • The 90 year lease is renewed when you come to sell your home – you sell it with a new 90 year lease. This strengthens the value of the lease to the buyer and seller.
  • Since Lifestyle Communities® own the land and lease it to you, we ensure we maintain the community. This means you’ll always live with like-minded neighbours (with no loud partying!)
  • All front gardens and communal areas are maintained by us and kept looking their best. This protects the value of your investment
  • The existing streetscapes are protected and managed by us which means: No surprises of what will be built next door| No run-down properties next door affecting the value of your home
  • No stamp duty and no council rates to pay.
  • You still receive Federal Government Rent Assistance, if eligible, so you can enjoy greater financial freedom.
  • All these benefits are passed on when you decide to sell your home with a new 90 year lease.