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My parents are so much happier!

Kirsty Mum Bellarine

When we realise we want more out of life, it can be hard to know where to go or what to look for. Imagine, then, one of your children coming to you with the perfect solution. For Lifestyle homeowners Karen and Steve, this is exactly what happened when their daughter Kirsty introduced them to Lifestyle Communities.

For over two years I have worked at the amazing Lifestyle Communities and the more time I spent in our communities, the more I began to understand what an amazing fit this could be for my mum and dad. Our family's story began in a cosy house in Hoppers Crossing, where my parents had spent nearly three decades. Dad's recent retirement and Mum's autopilot routine seemed to create a pause in their lives. The desire for change was in the air, and that's when I knew it was time to introduce them to Lifestyle Communities.

Encouraging your parents to embrace change is a significant responsibility, but I was convinced they could experience so much more. Lifestyle seemed like a natural fit, a place where genuine connections and care for each other thrived. The decision wasn't made lightly, but I saw the potential for them to lead fuller, happier lives.

Today, their lives have totally changed. My dad, once retired and uncertain, has blossomed into a socially connected and active individual. His new-found friendships and hobbies keep him so busy that even a call to me is a rare occurrence! On the other hand, my mum has found her groove, engaging in active classes, enjoying coffee meetups with new friends, and embracing a new-found purpose.

My parents really feel a strong sense of belonging in their community, and Mum describes it as a big family. They can rely on their neighbours for anything; they go to bed and wake up knowing they’re part of something larger, and it’s that sense of belonging that is really beautiful to see. What more could you ask for than seeing your parents happy? It’s pure magic!

One of the other benefits of Lifestyle is that the families of homeowners get to enjoy it too. We’ve had great family gatherings in the shared spaces, and you can imagine just how popular the pools are with all the grandkids that visit! Lifestyle isn’t just about the homeowners; it also provides the foundation for an even more connected family life.

This journey has exceeded my expectations, and I had high hopes to begin with. Witnessing my parents embrace this new chapter, radiating vitality and joy, has been an incredible experience for my brother and me. And this is only the beginning – their journey with Lifestyle Communities holds the promise of even more wonderful adventures. As they continue to flourish, our family eagerly anticipates the exciting chapters that lie ahead, both within Lifestyle and beyond.