The journey to your new home

We keep our buying process simple and transparent, so you feel supported, informed and confident every step of the way.

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Buying a brand new home at Lifestyle Communities®

When buying a home at Lifestyle Communities®, we like to ensure that you feel supported, empowered and fully in control of your decision. Regardless of whether you're after a new or existing home, we’ll work closely with you through each step of the buying process, so you feel confident and informed at all times.

1. Come and say ‘hey’!

Visit one of our communities to have a look, meet one of our friendly consultants, enjoy a coffee or tea and help us

2. Secure your sweet spot

This stage of the buying process is where you select your home design and desired location within your chosen community. It’s also when you pay a fully-refundable $500 holding deposit, which reserves your lot for the next three weeks.

3. Time to make it official

We will send you your official agreement, which you can sign in your home or in person with us. It’s time to pay a further $4,500 bringing your total deposit amount to $5,000. There are now no further financial commitments until settlement day, which is when the balance of your home is due.

4. Add your personal touches

Your next step is the plan review where your project coordinator will walk you through the plans of your chosen home design overlayed with your chosen lot. They will show you exactly what will come as standard with your beautiful new home and talk about how to prepare for the upcoming customisation appointment. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any design-related questions and learn more about the building process.

In this meeting, you will meet with your project coordinator in one of our purpose-built customisation hubs. This is where you will select any additional variations you want in your home and choose your internal colours. Our team members are experts at this and will help you every step of the way. Your plans will then be marked up and sent on to our dedicated draftsperson for construction to commence on site shortly after! Your project coordinator will also explain how you can keep track of your new home during the build process and see it come to life!

5. Prepare your existing house for sale

When we order your new home we will give you a fixed date that your home will be available to move into. Don’t worry – we will help you through the moving process with tips on engaging a real estate agent, decluttering and presenting your home for sale. We also provide generous settlement terms of up to six months. You will be given a minimum of three months; notice prior to the completion date of your new home, and, three months after your home is complete pay the balance of funds and move in.

6. The final countdown!

By this stage, your new home will be built and almost ready for you to move in (how exciting!). Before you do, your Community Manager and Project Team Member will walk you through and demonstrate how everything works. This is your opportunity inspect your home and ensure everything is to your satisfaction. We then help you prepare for settlement and anything else you may need before move-in day – like finding a local removalist!

7. The Big Day!

Your Community Manager will organise your Community induction and help you immerse yourself in all of the social and wellness activities on offer if you choose to get involved.

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Buying an established Lifestyle Communities® home

If you’re purchasing an established home in one of our developed communities, the process looks a little different.

1. Arrange a viewing!

Arrange a viewing of your desired home with one of our friendly Lifestyle Consultants who will also give you a tour of the community and get to know your needs.

2. Secure your spot

When you find the home you want to buy and make an offer, we will put forward your offer to the vendor and work with both parties to help organise a successful outcome..

3. Offer and acceptance!

When your offer is accepted, a non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is payable to secure your home.

4. Agreement read

Following payment of the initial $2,000 deposit to secure your offer, you then have 21 days from the date of payment to discuss and sign your contract and pay a further $3,000 agreement deposit. The total deposit paid of $5,000 will be deducted from the sale of your home at settlement.

5. Move in day

We’ll take you through the final legal process of taking ownership and paying the balance for your new home at Lifestyle Communities®. Then it’s the big day! Rest assured we will be with you to assist at every step to help make the move as smooth as possible.

6. Settling you in

We will organise your Clubhouse induction, can help organise a gym induction and help you immerse yourself in all of the social and wellness activities on offer, if you choose to get involved.

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