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Making friends in retirement for over 50s

Our Mission

Since Lifestyle Communities® began, our mission has always been to enable working, semi-retired and retired people to live an independent life of luxury.

We achieve this by operating as land lease communities which is a very different model to retirement villages.

Our purpose

We’re champions for facilitating a bigger, more enhanced life for our homeowners. A cohort of like-minded retired, semi-retired and working downsizers who belong to a generation that’s seen more change than any before; and possibly any to come.

We build communities because our homeowners have worked hard for what they have and what they deserve; beautifully-designed, low maintenance homes in concert with best-in-class amenities. We create communities because our homeowners haven’t given up on returning to a time when they built strong communities around their own homes. We nurture the homeowners within our communities because they seek a space that’s truly their own, that strikes the perfect balance between connection and privacy; independence and activity.

Like us, our homeowners rail against an earnestly bland existence or disappearing into a sea of sameness; the one-size-fits all approach that places limitations on what’s possible. Which is why we actively listen to them; to their hopes for now and their dreams for the future, so the next time they ask, “what’s next?” we’ve already been busy reimagining.

But, most of all, we champion bigger, more enhanced lives for our homeowners because we know that reducing their property footprint takes a giant leap of faith. This is why we believe it’s a privilege to walk alongside them as they elevate the next phase of their lives.

Like us, we believe they’re just getting started.

After all, they’re the generation of change. And they’re not done yet.

All Team

Meet the team

Our team has never wavered in the belief that honesty, trustworthiness and transparency are an integral part of our culture. These values underpin the security and sense of community that our homeowners enjoy.

We’re very proud of Lifestyle Communities®. We love what we do and we hope you’ll find our communities the best place to begin an exciting new stage of your life.