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Offering everything from easy connections to stunning scenery, you’ll find your sweet spot to downsize in Melbourne's South and East with Lifestyle Communities®

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Why South East?

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There is lots to love in the South East

Positioned for relaxation and exploration, our South East communities provide incredible lifestyle opportunities.

Located in the thriving pockets of the South East, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Award-winning wineries, lush green spaces, public transport, and the picturesque towns of the Mornington Peninsula are all within easy reach.

Combining the best elements of urban connectivity and suburban charm, you’ll live your life at your perfect pace. The South East is calling! Read More

This is Your Time: Retirement Villages near Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

It’s good to think ahead and to adapt your lifestyle according to what stage you’re at. Even if you’re not quite at the retirement stage yet, it may be time to do something about your property. In the earlier stages, we tend to buy bigger and extend because we have a family to house. A big house can make life easier and having some space outside for the younger ones to play in and you to relax tends to come with it. But when you’re past that point, do you really need that many rooms? You’re rattling around in a place that used to be the right size. And outside, gardens and yards have to be maintained; maybe you would be better off with something a bit smaller and less labour-intensive. And think of all the money tied up in that big home: the time has come to put that to good use.

Downsizing with Retirement Villages near Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

As a homeowner in one of our retirement villages near the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you will still own property, but a more manageable one. Our units at Lifestyle Communtities are low maintenance because having more time on your hands doesn’t mean you have to spend it fixing things and keeping the outdoor areas in good order. Downsizing means more freedom to do the things you enjoy. Our outdoor areas are maintained by teams of skilled gardeners, although if you want to take care of your own patch, that’s fine too.

And you can stay in the same area if you like because we have several properties. Most of our homeowners are within 10kms of their long-time home & suburb they love, so they can keep in touch with old friends and neighbours and visit their old haunts – restaurants, bars, shops, community centres and all the rest. Whether you are looking for a retirement village near Cranbourne, Pakenham or Rowville, we have a number of retirement villages in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

You Don’t Have to be Retired Because These are not Just Retirement Villages

We use the term retirement villages because that’s what most people will put in their internet search. In fact, you don’t have to be retired to live here. We welcome people aged 50 and up, so if you’re still working but just want to live in a community of like-minded people with plenty of potential company and new friendships to be made, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s about being proactive with your life and taking steps to make the most of the stage you’re at.

Safety and Security are Major Considerations

As people get older, they don’t want to have to be constantly vigilant in a neighbourhood where there may be an undesirable element of (usually younger) troublemakers. Sadly, this is true in even the most respectable of neighbourhoods, and not just in Australia, but everywhere. One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel, and as we get older, we tend to have neither the inclination nor the energy to deal with it. Women especially want to feel safe in their own home, and relatives worry about their safety and wellbeing. Knowing their Mum/Gran/old friend is in an eastern suburbs Melbourne retirement village, a gated community where security is taken very seriously, and community managers are on hand can be as reassuring for friends and family as for the homeowners themselves.

How Can I Take the First Step Toward Living in One of These Communities?

Call us or fill in the online form and we can give you all the details you need t enable you to take your decision and make your move. Read Less

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“Living here is like discovering a whole new family you never knew about; like-minded people enjoying a whole new way of life.”

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Not sure about downsizing?

Here are some of the biggest benefits our homeowners experience when they make the move to a Lifestyle Community

Benefits of downsizing
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Why downsize?

More money, more adventures

More money, more adventures

Lower bills, bigger thrills

Lower bills, bigger thrills

More time for you time

More time for you time

Holiday vibes all year round

Holiday vibes all year round

Bring your pets

Bring your pets

Feel safe and sound

Feel safe and sound