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Top Tips for a successful Home Sale

2018 07 25 LC 2350

The most important thing to successfully selling your home is making it the one that everybody wants to buy.

Real estate is like psychology. It’s about being strategic about the way you market the property to make sure it garners a lot of interest.

In order to get buyers to want your home, you need to align its pricing, marketing, and timing.

Here’s the 6 hot tips for hitting all these notes - and ensuring you get a great price without the stress.

Work with a Top Real Estate Agent who sells similar homes like no other
Price your home with precision
Draw eyes with out-of-the-box marketing
Declutter using your garage as storage
Ensure your home has “curb appeal”
Do basic pre-listing home repairs and cosmetic touch ups
Use “Staging Furniture” for the Listing photography

Timing the market

Another common question Vendors have is “How’s the market?” And our answer to that is always the same - that depends, are you Buying or Selling?

Whatever the market, houses sell! It simply takes a motivated seller and a motivated buyer to agree on a price.

In essence, it doesn’t matter what the market is. Homes sell every day all over Australia, in all kinds of markets when a buyer and seller agree on a price.

However, local housing markets can change daily, depending on what you’re trying to achieve, some markets will be better suited to your situation than others - there’s no retail price for property!

Property is worth what someone is willing pay for it and that gets determined by a range of factors including interest rates, buyer’s ability to borrow money and the general “sentiment” of buyers at the time. This sentiment is often influenced by the way TV and newspapers report consumer confidence.

The market is not the same in all areas. The media often generalises and treats all housing markets as one, when in fact there are multiple, highly individual markets, often grouped by local government areas or postcodes.

As an example, the market within 20 kilometres of Melbourne’s CBD may be “coming off the boil” due to previous price rises and retreating investors while the market 60 kilometres west of Melbourne may be growing because more people want to live closer to that lifestyle and there is a less available quality housing stock there.

Pricing your property to sell

You can either, put any price you like on your home when you put it up for sale and wait for a miracle or you can do your homework and compare your home with other recent sales in the area to find a comparative price range where buyers will be attracted to inspect and make offers.

When agents recommend a price range for your home, they do so to attract as many buyers as possible to have a look at it. The more buyers who inspect, the easier it will be to understand if the price is achievable. When you first put a price on your home, you and your agent are having an educated guess at what the market will pay.

Remember Hot Tip No.1, you’re looking to hire the best agent for the job of selling your home, not the one who just tells you a price you want to hear. If there’s two qualities you are looking for in the right agent to represent you, then it has to be honesty and local market experience.

As top agents will tell you, the first two weeks on the market is the most critical time for selling your house. That’s the time to follow the process, not to take chances testing the market. Experienced agents will know the market and will follow their proven process which is more likely to sell your home for a strong price with the least amount of stress.

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