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Lifestyle Communities®: The Solution for Retirement Living

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Retirement living can be a challenging period, with many older adults facing the rising cost of living and healthcare expenses in Victoria. However, downsizing to a smaller home, apartment, or a Lifestyle Community can offer a practical solution. Not only does downsizing reduce monthly expenses, but it also frees up equity and can lower maintenance and utility costs.

Lifestyle Communities® are designed for over 50's which offering a range of amenities. Located in Melbourne they include swimming pools, fitness centres, and clubhouses. Living in a Lifestyle home provides that sense of community and social interaction. From book clubs to exercise classes and trips there are a wide variety of activities and events to engage in.

Aside from the comfort and social benefits, downsizing to a Lifestyle Community also offers financial benefits. Government allowances, such as rental assistance for pensioners and veterans, can offset the cost of living. At Lifestyle Communities®, the weekly site fee for a single person on the Age Pension can be as low as $123.43 with rental assistance.

In addition to government allowances, downsizing also reduces the overall cost of living, as council rates are typically waived and there's no need to worry about maintaining a large property.

There's also the Deferred Management Fee (DMF), a fee paid when you sell your home. This helps cover the costs of maintaining, running, and developing the retirement village. At Lifestyle Communities®, the DMF is a scaled percentage of 4% of the selling price per year. This is capped at a maximum of 20% from the fifth year, which is typically lower than other options.

Lifestyle Communities® provide a range of amenities and services to support the needs of older adults. Downsizing to one of these communities can provide numerous benefits, including access to leisure activities, social events, wellness programs, and more.


There are a variety of activities offered at Lifestyle Communities®, including swimming, tennis, golf, and pickle-ball. Lifestyle also runs group fitness classes such as yoga, Tai Chi, and Zumba. These activities can help maintain physical health and provide an opportunity for social interaction.

Social Events

Lifestyle Communities® offer a calendar of social events, including book clubs, movie nights, and game nights, as well as seminars and workshops. These events provide an opportunity to engage with others and participate in activities of interest.

Wellness Programs

The communities offer wellness programs to promote both physical and mental health. This includes strength and conditioning classes, aqua aerobics, and other physical activities. Lifestyle also offers seminars and workshops focused on mental and emotional well-being.

Community Gardens

Community gardens provide an opportunity for residents to get outside, enjoy fresh air, and grow their own fruits and vegetables.


Clubhouses provide a space for residents to gather and socialise, with amenities such as pools, fitness centres, and libraries.

Transportation Services

Lifestyle Communities® offer a range of transportation services, including shuttle buses and vans, to make it easier for residents to get around. They can be used to travel to other communities, attend appointments, go shopping, and explore the community locations.


The communities have gated entrances, security cameras, and security personnel to ensure the safety and security of residents.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services are offered to take care of everyday tasks, such as landscaping and housekeeping. This relieves the difficulty of managing a large home and garden for seniors.

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