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30 benefits downsizing your home will bring to your life

2018 07 25 LC 0796

There are always pros and cons to anything in life. Taking that promotion with more responsibility or staying comfortably where you are? Missing the bus or running through the rain to catch it? Ice cream – cone or cup?

Some decisions will always make your heart race for one reason or another. The same counts for downsizing your home. You might have considered downsizing to a smaller space but are not completely sold on the idea yet. But we believe in the good that comes with making that change to your living situation. In fact, we are so certain that we collected 30+ benefits that should make it easier to decide to downsize.

In a nutshell: what is downsizing?

Downsizing your home is about adjusting your housing circumstances to better fit your needs. And in this case to also be prepared for retirement. Or in other words: moving from one home into another more convenient property.

Selling your current home for a more gratifying version will magically make room for plenty of other enjoyments. There are a lot of different fantastic advantages you can achieve by downsizing – emotionally, financially and practically. But why don’t you have a read for yourself!

30 benefits of downsizing your home

  1. Less clutter. Get rid of duplicates that piled up in your large home. Who needs two whisks anyway?
  2. Organising your treasures gets much easier with a smaller-scale space.
  3. Cleaning your home will only take a short playlist to take your mob for a dance through the house.
  4. Free up equity when you downsize by selling your out-grown house.
  5. Reach new levels of comfort and snug up in your compact yet spacious home.
  6. Living in a cosy space can also reduce the feeling of loneliness.
  7. Gather the best overview of your space – no more looking for your keys!
  8. Gain a greater appreciation for your belongings. It’s a fantastic feeling to value your goods and to know it’s all you really need.
  9. Quality over quantity. Speaks for itself.
  10. Own a home that fits your needs and make room for a bigger lifestyle.
  11. Exchange your home for a more modern version with luxurious amenities.
  12. Eliminate stairs. *pew pew*
  13. Your utility bills will be cheaper when you don’t have a big space to maintain anymore – also helps with reducing your environmental impact.
  14. Every room is in use and you don’t have to worry about ghosts hiding in the extra guest room.
  15. Always wanted to live by the sea, closer to family or where nature calls? Switch up the area and enjoy fresh window views.
  16. Feel more secure knowing every corner of your home and bonding with your close-by neighbours.
  17. Splurge on extravagant interior pieces that bring a dazzling charm to any room.
  18. A fantastic opportunity to redecorate your place – out with the old, in with the new!
  19. More time – and more reasons to leave the house to get active.
  20. Become part of a new community in a different neighbourhood.
  21. Enhance your social life by making friends with like-minded people.
  22. Reduce your carbon footprint and choose an environmentally friendly home.
  23. Breathe financial confidence with less of a burden to cover costs.
  24. Relish newly-won stability with a home that supports your lifestyle and be ready for all of retirement and beyond.
  25. Stay independent while being able to maintain your home without difficulty.
  26. Make room for fun things like a crafting space.
  27. Whether or not you have a green thumb, choosing a smaller garden space makes it less of a duty.
  28. Fewer fixed spendings means more coin for the piggy bank than for your (already-paid) mortgage.
  29. Access downsizing-specific government incentives.
  30. Change – Being ready for a life improvement is always a huge advantage!

Mooore benefits when you downsize with Lifestyle Communities®

If 30 reasons are still not cutting it, we are extra generous and will share even more benefits you will gain if you downsize to Lifestyle Communities®. Guaranteed, that thinking bubble above your head will disappear with these 6 extra upsides:

Relax when it’s travelling time
With gated communities and a like-minded neighbourhood, going away for a change of scenery comes with extra peace of mind.

Pet paradise
Arrange playdates for your little companion – our communities are pet-friendly. There is even a dog wash for the paw-fect grooming moment!

Extra safety
Our devoted community managers are on site to keep an extra pair of eyes on your home and to make sure you feel comfortable in the neighbourhood.

Weed no more!
Shrubs, herbs or flowers – a dedicated gardening team is taking over your front garden and the community landscapes, keeping them in lush-green shape and maintaining the blooming sensation all year round.

Jaw-dropping amenities
Pools, cinemas, clubhouse, sporting courts, craft rooms, libraries, gyms, electric cars,....- and we are not done yet!

A never-ending holiday lifestyle
Lifestyle Communities® brings the best facilities to your front door so you can live the big lifestyle that you deserve.

Phew! Are you excited for the downsizing journey? Although there are already sooo many great benefits to making the move, there are actually EVEN MORE that we could mention at this point. And we highly recommend considering making this fantastic life change in your 50s before retirement is knocking on your door. Whether you are still working full-time or are semi retired, Lifestyle Communities® just wants to enable people to live an independent life with a fun lifestyle.

We understand that downsizing and moving home is a big life decision and our team is here to answer any questions you might have. Just pick up the phone and call 1300 50 55 60 or message us with your enquiries.