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10 Clever storage hacks to better organise your home

10 clever storage hacks to better organise your home 2

Throughout our lives we all accumulate a lot of possessions. Whether these things are essential, sentimental or decorative it can be hard to get rid of them so the challenge that many of us face is where do we put all this stuff?

It’s tricky when you don’t live in a palatial mansion or have a Narnia-sized wardrobe. But never fear, we’ve compiled some super smart, space saving solutions to help.

Perhaps you’re looking to downsize your home or you simply can’t face the wobbling pile of pans in your cupboard. These no-build storage hacks will help you de-clutter your home so that you can make space for the important things.

1) Double the storage in high cupboards by installing a tension rod

Idea and photo via JenThousandWords

Hang cleaning sprays from the rod to clear space underneath. Organise your remaining cleaning materials with boxes so that you can see what you have and don’t end up buying the same things twice.

2) Make the most of your doors by hanging baskets and hooks on the inside

Idea and photo via See Vanessa Craft

Use for storing anything from wrapping paper and ribbons to socks and underwear. You can easily install baskets by attaching command hooks to the back of the door and slotting the hooks between the wires.

3) Organise your kitchen utensils with a rail and hanging bins

Image via IKEA

Clear space from your work surface and drawers by hanging kitchen utensils from hooks on the inside of your cupboard doors. You’ll avoid duplicates by clearly seeing which utensils you have.

4) Ditch the bulky spice rack and use a magnetic board (or your fridge) instead!

Idea and image via Garden Betty

This one is so clever we’ll all be doing it. Pop your spices in air-tight jars with magnetic bottoms and attach them to a magnetic board on your wall or the inside of a cupboard door. If you can’t find magnetic jars, try using heavy duty velcro instead.

5) Add a magazine file to the inside of a cabinet to house your kitchen wrap!

Image via Homebnc

You may even have a magazine file handy around the house. Did you know it can perfectly house your kitchen wrap essentials? Simply attach it to the inside of a kitchen cupboard for easy access to your most used kitchen wrap items.

6) Purchase a chopping board that fits the size of your sink

Image via Kohler

If you'd like to make the most of the space in your kitchen, this hack is a simply and easy way to achieve that very goal. Handy and functional.

7) Use a filer to organise your container lid cupboards

Image via HGTV

No more rummaging through the container drawer to find the matching lid for the size you need! Make the most of your space by storing things vertically.

8) Invest in an accessories holder

Image via Always Brainstorming

We love this inexpensive option from Kmart Australia to store jewellery, belts, scarves and other accessories. Hang in your closet or on a wall to avoid clutter on your vanity or in your wardrobe.

9) DIY makeshift shelving by adding hooks to the inside of your cabinets

Image via Penelopes Oasis

Then simply add hanging baskets to double up your storage space.

10) Install a shelf above your door to add storage for extras you don't tend to access often

Image via Martha Stewart

We love this idea for adding a lot of storage to an area that is otherwise completely underutilised. Talk about creating space!

Do you have any unique storage hacks? Please share your ideas with us on our Facebook page!