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Our Wellness Program

So, this is where we turn you into a professional athlete. Just kidding. At Lifestyle Communities®, we make it easy to get involved in activities that support your overall wellbeing. Our dedicated full-time Wellness Team deliver programs and a variety of activities including seminars and events across each community to offer relevant and targeted support. Best part? It’s virtually on your doorstep! Find out more about our Lifestyle Wellness Program in our video.

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Warm Ups, Push Ups and Catch Ups

Are you hoping to be more taut and toned? Do you love having a boogie? Or do you just want to get those legs moving? Each Community has a range of group activities such as strength classes, aqua aerobics, Tai Chi, Zumba, Arts and Crafts. The choice is yours to be made. It doesn’t matter your ability or skill level, our wellness team can help find you the right activity.

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Inspiration over Perspiration

Each month you’ll discover information based around a relevant, practical wellness topic. These topics are showcased via seminars with visiting guest speakers, expos, monthly newsletters and blog posts. With loads of health-related tips, recipes and advice, all focused on a well-rounded approach to life, there’s something for everyone!

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Compete for your Community

Whilst Lifestyle Wellness is first and foremost about having a laugh and some fun, if you do have a competitive streak, you can always get involved in our inter-community events. Compete against other Lifestyle Communities® in a range of sports such as Lawn Bowls, Table Tennis, Pickleball, Pool, Croquet and more. Fun fact: there’s no age limit at the Olympics, so you never know where this might take you!

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Walk for fun or paint for a prize

The Lifestyle Wellness calendar is jam packed with a range of wider community and charity events. This includes the Mother’s Day Classic, which in 2019 saw over 550 Lifestylers walk to raise a total of $33,140.81 for breast cancer research.

Do you fancy yourself a Picasso or budding Elvis? Every year the Wellness Team organise a major Arts event from Lifestyle has Talent to the Simpson Arts Prize. There’s plenty of ways to show off your passions and hidden talents!