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  • Timeless Classics live on at Lifestyle Chelsea Heights

    By Ellen Flintoft, Lifestyle Chelsea Heights homeowner

    What a great night we had at Lifestyle Chelsea Heights last Saturday, 9th August!

    The community transformed into a magical cabaret to the delight of more than 80 homeowners. A large crowd had booked in for the Liza Minelli Tribute Show, which kick-started with pre-show drinks as reception transformed into a bar. And after a delicious roast dinner and delectable desserts, the concert began.

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  • The Hundred-Foot Journey review: A spicy delight

    Rated PG

    The Hundred-Foot Journey is a feast for the senses; close-ups of delectable food so delicious you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve caught a whiff through the big screen, the South of France playing a beautiful backdrop as the setting, and one of the main characters, Papa – Om Puri, projecting a velvety voice rivalling that of the Malaysian-born Australian singer, Kamahl.

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  • ​Join William McInnes for National Reading Hour 2014

    “So what are you reading, at the moment?” It’s an innocent enough question; something to break the ice. And many people will answer straight away, happy to tell you everything about the latest breathtaking adventure, heartbreaking tale, inspiring biography or fascinating historic title they’ve been hooked on. But others will struggle. Maybe they haven’t picked up a book for a while. Maybe it’s been decades. It wasn’t always like that.

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Real Life Story

Deborah and Graham
“Moving to Lifestyle Communities has changed our lives. We are so happy here! We feel totally relaxed and secure. The amenities are amazing, the homeowners are really friendly, and the Community Managers are so helpful. This is the best move we ever made!”
Deborah and Graham, Lifestyle Chelsea Heights