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The benefits of moving to a Lifestyle Community

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The decision to downsize is a big one and the journey looks different for everyone. For some, the decision is a result of wanting to reduce home and garden maintenance. For others, it’s about freeing up finances. And for many, it’s about feeling safe and secure in their home and neighbourhood.

Whatever the reason, our homeowners will often attest that moving Lifestyle Communities® opens up opportunities to live a bigger, richer life that they had previously not thought possible.

Here are some of the biggest benefits our homeowners experience when they make the move to a Lifestyle Community:

Move in while you’re young enough to enjoy it

Unlike a retirement village, you can remain working full or part-time while living like a king or queen at Lifestyle Communities®. You get to choose the lifestyle that works best for you.

Peace of mind when it’s travel time

Head off travelling knowing that your home is safe and secure within the gated community. Plus, take extra comfort in knowing your Community Managers and neighbours are close by and keeping an eye on your home.

A never-ending holiday lifestyle

With the Clubhouse, pool, cinema, gym, pickleball court, bowling green and so many other luxuries at your fingertips, you’ll enjoy resort living every day! And let’s not forget those countryside relaxed vibes you’ll be revelling!

Bring your pets

Furry friends are every bit your family as the non-furry kind. That’s why your pets are welcome to call Lifestyle Communities® home too. There’s even a dog wash to keep your pampered pooch primped, preened, groomed and cleaned! How fur-nomenal!

Feel safe and sound

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living in a safe, secure and peaceful gated community with on-site Community Managers.

Be your own bank manager

You’ll enjoy financial freedom when you free-up the money locked in your existing home. Plus, zero stamp duty and no council rates will help you save some serious cash!

Weed no more!

Say goodbye to pesky plants and nature-strip upkeep. Our dedicated gardening team will take care of your front garden and all the common landscaped areas, keeping them looking lush all year round. Isn’t that just dandy?

The very best of neighbourhood living

Our communities are friendly, peaceful and people-focused places to call home. Living at a Lifestyle Community means you’ll enjoy the very best bits of neighbourhood living, along with other like-minded people.