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Ocean Grove - The Cove

Welcome to The Cove, a haven for those seeking an unlimited lifestyle that transcends the ordinary.

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15 luxury homes from $755,000

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How It Works

Really think about it: how often do you hang out in your spare bedroom? Is your garden growing wilder than you can handle? Renovating is a nuisance and you can’t stand the sight of all these random items piling up in your living space? You might have already thought about downsizing your home and the benefits of doing so.

In principle, downsizing is about selling your current property to move into a smaller space. But with Lifestyle Communities, there is so much more. It’s about finding the right moment to discover a whole new world of opportunities. With a perfect blend of financial freedom and a holiday-like atmosphere, you’ll be able to embrace a new chapter filled with countless benefits.

The Upsides of Downsizing

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Secure to Lock and Leave
  • Resort-Style Living
  • Pet-Friendly Paradise
  • Financial Freedom
  • Community Connection
  • Stress-Free Moving
  • Long-Term Security

Why Ocean Grove - The Cove?

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“We have already met some lovely, funny and like-minded future neighbours and we haven't even moved in yet!”

Chris C

Soon-to-be homeowner at Lifestyle Bellarine

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Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of the Bellarine Peninsula, Ocean Grove emerges as a sanctuary of coastal allure, where the symphony of the sea serenades the soul.

Meet the team

Visit us at our Temporary Sales Suite - 711 Portarlington Rd, Bellarine Victoria 3223
1300 50 55 60


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Meet the team at

Visit us at our Temporary Sales Suite - 711 Portarlington Rd, Bellarine Victoria 3223
1300 50 55 60

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There are so many reasons Lifestyle Communities® is the perfect place to downsize.