Why On-Site Community Managers are the key to a great community

LC 89

One of the most important aspects of the successful management of our communities is our team who actually live in the communities and do the day to day management of our communities.

We are now quite unique in Australia as the only Over 50s village operator who now has on site live in managers. This role is incredibly critical to the success of our business and more importantly in the success of our homeowners happiness and they're still the only people that our Managing Director, James Kelly ensures he meets face to face when we're in employing people,

What do these managers do? Nearly everything! One of our team will operate in the clubhouse who's there to answer questions, raise any issues you might have, collect parcels, give advice, offer an ear of support or help with anything you might need. Meanwhile out in the community we have a full time facilities manager who's there looking after all of the amazing facilities and amenities that your community has to offer.

We have a big saying at Lifestyle Communities, "We don't do shabby!" so we're constantly looking after all the facilities and buildings to ensure they're in perfect condition today and into the future.

How do we get our community managers? We're Unicorn Hunters! No we really are. We search all over Australia and sometimes even the world and complete a lot of interviewing to ensure we get the right person for each role and community. Our view is that our Community Manager are the most important members of our team and they're here to help you in any way they can.