Creating Amazing Living Opportunities

from James Kelly - Founder & Managing Director

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Creating Amazing Living Opportunities at Lifestyle Communities®

We strongly believe that a cohort of over 50s, like-minded working, semi-retired and even retired downsizers should have the freedom and opportunity to live their biggest and best life while enjoying access to best in class facilities.

There are many ways our homeowners experience a lifestyle of lower bills and bigger thrills when they move into one of our beautiful communities:

Business for purpose

Our guiding principle has always been to create a ‘business for purpose’ rather than a ‘purpose for business’. As a result, we created Lifestyle Communities® with a clear focus to be socially and ethically responsible. One of the ways we uphold this principle is by selling our homes for cost, which means we get to keep our prices consistently affordable. We are not property developers but rather long term managers into the future.

Free up equity

On average, our homeowners free up $240K – $250K of equity when they sell their home and downsize to a Lifestyle Community, providing a fantastic nest egg to be able to weather any storm that the future might throw at them as well as the ability to tick some items off the bucket list.

Fixed pricing

Our prices and settlement dates are fixed, which means our homeowners don’t need to worry about price increases, land title delays or hidden costs. Plus, our communities offer some very affordable downsizing options, with homes typically priced at 75-80% of median house prices in the local area.

Goodbye interest rates and mortgage payments

Because there is a significant amount of equity free up by selling their current home, our homeowners can only own their homes outright. This gives our homeowners the opportunity to do more of what they love to do.

Lower living costs

Our homeowners experience lower utility bills because they don’t have to use as much energy to heat and cool their home, as well as lower household insurance costs because they live in a secure, gated community environment. Our homes also feature top of the range, energy efficient appliances that keep the bills low. Plus, our homeowners benefit from:

  • No stamp duty
  • No council rates
  • No water rates
  • No sewerage rates

Each of our communities also include an electric car, e-bikes and shuttle bus for our homeowners to take for a spin whenever they choose, so they can leave their car at home and spend less on petrol.

Home and garden maintenance savings

Our homes typically require a lot less maintenance and upkeep than our homeowners’ existing larger homes, so they don’t need to spend their valuable time and hard-earned cash on repairs. We also employ landscapers to tend to all front gardens, so they don’t need to fork out for garden maintenance. What a re-leaf!

Solar power savings

All our new communities are powered solely by electricity and renewable energy to minimise our impact on the environment and reduce our homeowners’ energy bills. These solar-powered battery boosted micro grids allow our homeowners to save up to 30% to 50% on their power bills.

Live bigger for less

Most importantly, our homeowners enjoy 24-hour access to incredible amenities and have peace of mind living within a safe and secure community of like-minded neighbours.

The best part – our homeowners get to manage their costs and free up equity making Lifestyle Communities® a smarter choice for all the right reasons.