Say hello to the Prince of the West, Halit Sumer!

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Halit Summer

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to Mr Deanside, Halit Sumer!

Halit has been a part of the Lifestyle Deanside community since day 1 and has helped support over 100 happy homeowners to their new life unlimited at this amazing community.

Halit is friendly, helpful and incredibly knowledgable and will walk side by side with you as you learn more about Lifestyle Deanside. A favourite of our homeowners, we're sure he'll soon become a favourite of yours too!

With his expert knowledge of the local area, life within the community and years of experience in customer service, Halit will guide you through the entire process of finding the perfect home for you.

Based at Lifestyle Deanside in the heart of western Melbourne's feature packed future, you can follow the directions to Halit and our Deanside team here:

When you arrive, find yourself a park near our Clubhouse, located in the heart of the community and Halit will meet you at our Reception area.

If you need to contact him at any time, please call 0436 317 495 or via email: [email protected]

Lifestyle Deanside

85 Mushu Street, Deanside. VIC 3336