Smart Buy Guarantee

At Lifestyle Communities, our Smart Buy Guarantee means you can buy your new home secure in the knowledge that you’re making a safe and wise decision. Keep reading to learn more about how we support your decisions, whatever they may be.

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Our Smart Buy Guarantee includes the following:

  • Time to sell your existing house: We’ll help to make the moving process easier by giving you plenty of time to sell your existing house.
  • Security of tenure: Your home comes with a 90 year secure lease on the land on which it’s situated. This also gives you the right to enjoy the spectacular 5-star facilities for the next 90 years.
  • Structural and non-structural warranties: Your new home comes with a three month maintenance period, two year non-structural warranty and 10 year structural warranty from the date of settlement.
  • Capped deferred management fee (DMF): To help keep your home price and weekly site fee affordable, Lifestyle Communities recovers part of its cost for developing, running and maintaining the community when you sell your home. This payment is a scaled percentage of 4% of the selling price per year and is capped at a maximum of 20% from the fifth year.
  • 12-month satisfaction guarantee: If for any reason you decide to sell your home at Lifestyle Communities within the first 12 months of residency, we’ll waive any Deferred Management Fee that might be payable, providing an agency agreement to sell your home has been signed in the first 12 months.

Want to learn more?

Watch our Smart Buy Guarantee video below.