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The Lifestyle Communities Model of Living

Unlike a retirement village, at Lifestyle Communities, homeowners own their home and lease the land upon which their homes are located, via a weekly site fee.

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  • Do I have to be retired?

    No, you don’t have to be retired to live at Lifestyle Communities. Since we’re not a retirement village, you can still be working full-time or part-time while living in the community or fully retired if you wish.

    We help people live life on their terms by combining luxury facilities with affordable low-maintenance homes in a secure gated community. Another important difference is that you are in control of your future, from the opportunity to release equity and boost your nest egg, to the focus on an independent lifestyle and freedom of choice.


  • Do I own my own home?

    Unlike other senior living options, at Lifestyle Communities you own your home while taking out a 90-year lease on the underlying land. Since you own your own home, you can live with privacy, independence and control.

  • Do I own the land?

    No, you don’t own the land, you lease the land. Our homes are affordable because we separate the ownership of the land from the ownership of the home, helping you to free-up money. When you buy a home at Lifestyle Communities you enter into a 90-year lease on the land on which your home is situated and your lease is paid via a site fee each fortnight. The lease also gives you an exclusive right to occupy the land and to use the community facilities. The lease agreement terminates when you sell your home.

  • What's the difference between leasehold and freehold?

    Leasehold is a temporary right to occupy land or property for an agreed period, such as 90 years. Freehold is the outright ownership of land or property for an unlimited period.


  • What are the benefits of leasing land?

    The benefits of leasing land at Lifestyle Communities, compared to owning a conventional house in the suburbs, are:

    • If eligible, you receive Commonwealth Rent Assistance payments
    • You have 24/7 access to fully maintained resort-style facilities
    • No council rates, water rates or body corporate
    • All front gardens and common landscaped areas are maintained by gardeners
    • You know your neighbours will always be likeminded people of a similar age
  • What does the home price include?

    All homes come with turn-key inclusions such as window furnishings, carpet and tiling to make it easier to move right in. Outside the home, the price includes front landscaping, paths, a clothesline, carport and a garden shed.

    New homes are decorated according to your selection from our interior colour packages.

  • Who will build my new home?

    Your new home will be built by one of Victoria’s leading homebuilders – Todd Devine Homes.

  • What sort of quality guarantees come with my new home?

    All homes are constructed from high-quality materials and finishes selected to last the test of time. Your new home comes with a three month maintenance check, two year non-structural warranty and six year structural warranty.

  • Who maintains my home?

    You’re responsible for maintaining your home, although the homes are purposefully designed to require minimal maintenance. To ensure your community remains an attractive place to live now and in the future, we ask you to maintain the exterior of your home in keeping with the community standards.

  • Can I customise my home?

    It’s your home and you can make whatever interior changes you desire once you move in. Any variations or customisations to the exterior or façade of your home must be in keeping with the overall look and feel of the community and you’ll need to let us know of your intentions prior to commencing any works.

  • Are there any other buying costs?

    You pay no stamp duty or conveyancing fees when you purchase your home at Lifestyle Communities.

  • How much does the site fee cost?

    The site fee gives you the right to occupy the land where your home is situated and is used to pay the costs of running the community including:

    • Onsite Community Management team
    • Maintenance of common garden areas and your front garden
    • Maintenance and running costs of the Clubhouse and other common facilities.

    Under the agreement with Lifestyle Communities, the weekly site fee is payable by direct debit each fortnight. The site fee is reviewed on 1 July each year and any increases are capped at CPI or 3.5% – whichever is greater. The site fees are currently:

    Single person on the age pension (after Rent Assistance rebate)

    ($173.29 less $67.40 Rent Assistance rebate)

    Couple on the age pension (after Rent Assistance rebate)

    ($200.20 less $63.50 Rent Assistance rebate)

    Single self-funded retiree and those still working full time


    Couple self-funded retirees and those still working full time


  • Can I get Commonwealth Rent Assistance?

    Depending on your personal financial circumstances, you may be eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance to reduce the weekly site fee. You’ll need to contact Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs to find out if you’re entitled to assistance.

  • Do I pay council rates?

    No, you don’t pay any council rates while living at Lifestyle Communities.

  • Who pays for utilities such as electricity, water and gas?

    Water, electricity and gas services are metered at each home so you’re responsible for all charges. You don’t pay any water rates.

  • What's the Deferred Management Fee (DMF)?

    To help keep the home purchase price and weekly site fee at an affordable level, Lifestyle Communities recovers part of its costs for developing, running and maintaining the community when you sell your home. This payment is known as the Deferred Management Fee (DMF) and is a scaled percentage of 4% of the selling price per year and is capped at a maximum of 20% from the fifth year. This is typically a lot less than other places you may be considering.

    If you decide to move out in the first 12 months, we’ll waive any DMF that might be payable.

  • Is my home secure?

    Your home is part of a gated community where entry gates are closed each evening. Your on-site Community Managers also provide additional peace of mind whether you are at home or away travelling.

  • Can I keep a pet?

    Yes, pets are part of your family and are very welcome. Each Clubhouse has ‘doggy parking’ for your pooch so you can enjoy the 5-star resort facilities while your furry friend is close by. There are some common-sense rules to follow, as we are conscious that we need to respect the rights of all homeowners, including those without pets.

  • Who collects my rubbish?

    Your home has two rubbish bins (household and recycling) that are collected by the council as they would at a home in the suburbs.

  • Where is mail delivered?

    Australia Post deliver your standard mail to your letterbox located at the Clubhouse. All large parcels can be delivered to the Clubhouse reception.

  • Can I get Pay TV and internet access?

    You can have internet access and Pay TV connected to your home. There’s also free Wi-Fi, high-speed Internet access and Foxtel in the Clubhouse.

  • Can my visitors use the Clubhouse and other facilities?

    Yes, although you must accompany your visitors while they use any community facilities. Your visitors are also welcome to stay for short stays of less than 30 days.  Talk to your Community Managers if you’d like to invite guests for longer stays.

  • Who looks after my garden?

    The Community Management team will look after your front garden. The watering of your front garden is maintained by an underground dripper system using water from your home supply. You’re responsible for maintaining your garden at the rear and side of your home.

  • What can I add to my front garden?

    Provided your additions are consistent with the community landscape plan, you can add almost anything to your garden. You’ll just need to let us know of your intentions prior to commencing any works.

  • How do I sell my home at Lifestyle Communities?

    You can sell your home at any time through the Lifestyle Communities sales team or through a local real estate agent – the choice is yours. When you’ve sold your Lifestyle Communities home, your lease agreement ends.

  • Are there any other selling costs?

    There is a Selling Commission Fee of 2% of the selling price payable to Lifestyle Communities if we sell your home for you. You can choose a private real estate agent to sell your home, in which case you’ll need to negotiate a separate selling commission with that real estate agent.

    There is an Administration Fee of 1% of the selling price payable to Lifestyle Communities for us to prepare the paperwork and administer the sale of your home and act in the capacity of a conveyancer for the sale of your home.

    Lifestyle Communities does not have any compulsory refurbishment fees.

  • Can I bequeath my home?

    If you pass away, the home becomes part of your estate. Beneficiaries may reside in the home if they meet the community age and entry criteria or they may simply sell the home. In all cases the Deferred Management Fee and Administration Fee are payable.

  • Where can I find more information?

    To see the full range of Frequently Asked Questions, please click on the button below.

    Download the Lifestyle Communities FAQs

    For further information: 

    Phone: 1300 50 55 60


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