Lifestyle St Leonards: Development Updates

The entire Lifestyle team and our amazing construction partners are extremely excited about the progress of our newest community at Lifestyle St Leonards.

LSL Indoor Pool

Clubhouse now open!

We are open for business!!!

With thanks to our Clubhouse head contractor; Alchemy Construct, and architect; Solomon Troup, we are overwhelmed to announce we have received our occupancy permit and opened our new clubhouse at Lifestyle St Leonards.

The facility is already being well utilised and it is a daily pleasure to walk into the main seating area to see homeowners congregating over a morning cuppa and panning their daily activities.

Update current as of 11/04/2022

LSL Outdoor Pool


With our internal road base layer completed throughout the community, we are approximately a month from undertaking our first stage of road wearing course and curb defects. This will provide us a seamless and smooth finish to our roads in our existing community, as well as surrounding the Clubhouse, including our visitor parking spaces.

Our street light install is continuing in line with our housing completion with poles to Stage 3 completed as well as bases to Stage 4. Our electrical contractor has also just completed our final streetlight to our entry gate.

As we build out of our first site and into our expansion, further review of the southern boundary is also being undertaken to ensure any civil re-works are completed in a timely manner to ensure a seamless transition into our new site.

LSL Twilight internal pool

Clubhouse and Main Entry

Stunning facilities, shell yeah!

Our new clubhouse is formally complete and looking absolutely fantastic!

Following a huge, committed push by Alchemy and their quality subcontractor base, our new facility was delivered on programme to the delight of our homeowners and the wider Lifestyle team.

A thorough review of the facilities has been undertaken, and with the addition of some constructive feedback from our community members, we will shortly be undertaking some post PC works to ensure our facilities will maintain a user-friendly operation to its full capacity ongoing.

Works currently under review by our builder include extra arbours, large timber dance floor, deck extension and additional BBQ space to activities suite.

Step Into Beachside Living min


We currently have 98 homes completed with 76 homes occupied and a further 3 homes due to settle before the close of April.

With 66 homes currently under construction throughout Stages 3 & 4, Lifestyle St Leonards only has 36 homes to commence construction to build out our existing site!

Get in quick, homes are selling fast at this coastal community.