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Wonders coming to Wollert

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Here are four highlights that will add to the rapidly growing area of Wollert, allowing it to thrive and prosper. Get excited!

1. New town centres
A major $40 million 9,000m2 town centre, to be designed by international architecture firm OMA. As well as all the usual retail offers and community services, you can expect the design to include public spaces that promote community use and increase dwell time. In addition to this significant centre, you can also look forward to two new local town centres!

2. Upgraded roads
Several roads in and around Wollert are getting an improvement. These include Craigieburn Road, Boundary Road, Summerhill Road, Andrew Road, Koukoura Drive, Edgars Road and Bodycoats Road. In addition, upgrades occurring for Epping Road and Lehmanns Roads, which helps many visitors access Lifestyle Wollert. Plus, the new and improved roads will accommodate an extensive bus network.

3. Nature reserved
The Quarry Hills Bushland Park will grow in size from a current area of 220 hectares and include increased access points, park shelters, viewing platforms and walking tracks. It will continue to be defined by its open space and majestic red river gums. There will also be extensive walking and cycling paths along with conservation areas.

4. Public transport improvements
Lifestyle Wollert is only 10-minute from existing train stations in Epping and Craigieburn. Still, there is land set aside for the future extension of the Epping Rail Corridor and a future train station in the heart of Wollert.