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Wellness Seminar Recap: “What’s Your 2020 Vision?”


Last month the Lifestyle Wellness Team partnered with author and retirement coach Dr Jon Glass to present a seminar series titled “What’s Your 2020 Vision?”  across 13 Lifestyle Communities. This interactive seminar delved into the “Soul” pillar of wellness, providing practical and relevant information on growing your joy, happiness and purpose in 2020. Read on for a recap on Jon’s 4M process boosting your purpose, passion and prosperity in life after work.


Missing: What aspects of your working life will you miss and how will you replace them?

You may have loved the routine of work and wish to replace this with some regular weekly activities. Your job title at work may have been a central part of your identity and this now needs re-imagining. The workplace provided you with a wonderful platform to build social connections, this could be a key element you may need to replace in order to build new social connections. Many may miss the achievement, validation and satisfaction from completing a project well. By exploring which elements are most important to you there is an opportunity to consciously incorporate them into your retirement.


Measuring: How busy are you and how busy do you want to be?

Time and productivity may have been hugely important in your working life, but in retirement energy matters more. When you are your own boss, your diary can be as busy or as quiet as you wish. It can be helpful to think about how you would like to allocate energy rather than time throughout your days. You have the opportunity to divide your days into things that you love doing and those that are a pain!


Meaning: What is your purpose in life from here?

In working life, you may easily define your purpose as a worker. In retirement your meaning and purpose may be less clear. Delving into your personal values is an excellent way to rediscover purpose in your life. Your top value may be to give to others, which could be fulfilled behaviourally through voluntary work. Another value could be obtaining greater knowledge: in this case, learning about a new topic or learning a new skill could bring great purpose and meaning. Click here to take the Values in Action Character Strengths Survey to discover your key values.


Mastery: How will you move purposefully towards your goals?

Once you have discovered what matters to you in terms of missing, measuring and meaning, it is important to think about the practical steps you can take to achieve your goals. Research shows that mastery is more achievable when you set goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. Furthermore, tracking goals and monitoring your progress helps you stay focused, identify obstacles, build confidence and keep motivated.


Use this free ‘Monthly Wellness Goals’ download to set meaningful goals and achieve your 2020 vision!

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