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Top 20 reasons to love living in Geelong

Top 20 geelong attractions victoria

Located on the Corio Bay foreshore, Geelong is a gorgeous town that has retained an air of countryside living while also still being a key developing area. The CBD is situated right on the foreshore and the bayside area has been turned into a place where anyone of any age can find something fun to do.

There are so many fun things to do in the Geelong region, but we rounded up 20 of our favourite Geelong attractions.

1) The Waterfront

A vibrant hub of Geelong, the Waterfront is lined with cool cafes and hip bars that are buzzing from brunch to evening drinks. Overlooking the bay with the peaceful waterfront and gorgeous green spaces to play, the waterfront is ideal for all.

2) The Waterfront Carousel

Still on the Waterfront, the iconic old school carousel is well worth checking out. It just a few dollars for a ride on the merry go round and the older style horses make for a picture perfect occasion. Plus, as you spin around the carousel, you can soak up the waterfront views. It is child friendly and disability friendly, making the enjoyment accessible for all.

3) Buckleys Falls

A little bit out of the CBD is Buckleys Falls. These falls are really peaceful and beautiful. They are located just off the Barwon River. There are also some lovely walking trails and small hikes along the waterfront. It is a perfect afternoon activity throughout the year.

4) The You Yangs

About 20 minutes from Geelong is the town of Lara. Lara is home to the You Yangs Regional Park. It is best accessed by car but when you arrive, you can put on your walking shoes and enjoy the great hikes, including the Flinders Peak hike which offers unbeatable views of Corio Bay and the Melbourne city skyline. Pack a picnic to enjoy at Big Rock and take a stroll through the park - you might even see some kangaroos hopping about.

5) Eastern Beach

About 5 minutes up from the Waterfront is the beachside of Geelong. Eastern Beach is a great family friendly day out. First, there are beautiful grounds to have a picnic, throw a snag on the barbie or kick around the footy. Then, you can cool off by taking a quick dip in the swimming pool or the ocean in the partitioned section. The swimming section of the ocean is surrounded by a great pier with diving boards. Plenty of fun all day here!

6) Geelong Art Gallery

The art gallery of Geelong is a real treat. It is open all week long until 5pm and entry is free. There are a range of exhibitions, some temporary and some permanent. Many of the displays show off local talent too. The gallery is located right near the train station, at the top of Johnstone Park.

7) St Mary’s Church

Past the shopping malls and CBD of Geelong, on Moorabool street, is St Mary’s Church. This gorgeous gothic church is picturesque and stunning to take photos of or have a stroll around on the inside.

8) Rippleside Park

On the western side of the Corio Bay is the delightful Rippleside park. Here there is a family friendly playground and picnic/barbecue area. You can overlook the calm bay with the sail boats lined up on the horizon. Perfect for a sunset evening!

9) National Wool Museum

Geelong is well known for its agricultural and farming history but did you know that there also used to be a large wool industry in Geelong? Pop by the National Wool Museum to celebrates the history of wool. Located near the waterfront, it's a beautiful stroll back in time to understand more of what Geelong was made of. There is also a bar called ‘Lambys’ which serves a great beverage!

10) The Bellarine Peninsula

A bit of a drive out of Geelong along the peninsula is a perfect day trip. The Bellarine Peninsula is home to some amazing wineries, beautiful surroundings, and activities like Adventure Park water fun park and mini golf.

11) Serendip Sanctuary

Back in Lara, 20 minutes before Geelong coming from Melbourne, is Serendip Sanctuary. This wildlife park has a water reserve for many unique bird species as well as some adorable wallabies hopping around. It is free entrance and there is a lovely boardwalk throughout.

12) Botanic Gardens

A real highlight of Geelong are the iconic Botanic Gardens. Just a short stroll up from Eastern Beach, these gardens are peaceful and beautiful. There are plenty of rest areas for a picnic or a barbecue. There are also great walking/running trails. All of these overlooks the bay while being surrounded by gorgeous trees and flowers. Just keep an eye for all the bats in the trees!

13) Balliang Sanctuary

Another great sanctuary is east of Geelong. Balliang Sanctuary is found on the banks of the Barwon River and contains 20 acres of animal species and plants. The lakes and wetlands are a great educational outdoorsy activity.

14) Barwon Valley Fun Park

This one is fun for all ages! Located in Belmont near the Barwon River, this gorgeous park has playgrounds for all ages and abilities. It is a lot of fun to spend a morning or evening here with the family or the grandkids.

15) Barwon River

This leafy paved river is a stunning place to go for a stroll. There are many walking, running, and cycling tracks. There are also great rest stops along the river and perfect photo opportunities too. Why not try some fishing while you’re here.

16) Osborne House

This historic house tells many stories of Geelong. Built in 1858, it has beautiful architecture and is open to walk around or sit out in the garden. This gorgeous house can be found in North Geelong.

17) Cunningham Pier

Found on the Waterfront is the iconic pier of Geelong. Over the years, this pier has been known by different restaurants and eateries. Currently is it home to The Pier restaurant, bar, and function centre. Many weddings take place here, and once you see the views at the end of the pier, you won’t be surprised why.

18) HM Prison Geelong

Once a maximum security prison, now a tourist destination. This prison was built between 1849 and 1864. It was used as a prison throughout these years. Now you can wander through and learn about the history of some of the prisoners, if you’re feeling brave enough!

19) Lake Connewarre

Down on the Bellarine Peninsula, a car is recommended to reach this site. The shallow estuarine consists of 880 hectares running off the Barwon River. There is a wildlife reserve here and some beautiful protected animal and bird species.

20) Barwon Grange

A gorgeous historic house located in Newtown, close to central Geelong, Barwon Grange is a delight to admire. The house and gardens are preserved and absolutely stunning. This is another top wedding destination as the function room and outdoor settings are truly picture perfect.

Do you know of any fun things to do in Geelong that didn't make the list? Tell us what you think on our Facebook page and we'll add it to the list!