This is the life
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That action and adventure feeling

Everyone at Lifestyle Shepparton reaped the rewards of Ray's fishing hobby. Read his story.

After buying into Lifestyle Shepparton and moving from Tasmania sight unseen — I was looking for some action and adventure.

I am a fisher, snooker player and gold prospector and I love how my new life means I can do more of what I want to do. I also love the warmer climate and the low maintenance homes are just perfect.

I use the Lifestyle Shepparton fishing boat way more than anyone else. I took it up the Murray River for five days and caught a 75cm Murray Cod that fed the whole community.

When I’m not active around Lifestyle Shepparton, I take on the role of a gold prospector and often travel to Western Australia. I’ve done three trips, covering about 25,000 kilometres and I’m confident the elusive gold nugget is not too far away.

I’ve found a lot of bullets, tins and batteries but I am learning the craft from people I have met along the journey.

Moving here was the best thing we’ve ever done. There’s always something to do, the recreation club is fantastic and we both feel very safe which is especially important for my wife when I am away on one of my trips.