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Some things never get old

Making friends in retirement for over 50s

It’s a lovely saying, isn’t it? There’s a lot of truth in it too — just think of all the things we never get tired of doing regardless of our age. We only had to ask our homeowners Irene Webber (Lifestyle Kaduna Park) and Joan Tolliday (Lifestyle Lyndarum) about life after 50 for evidence of that! As you’ll read below, neither of them show any sign of slowing down. In fact, to quote Irene: “those who know me, know I run rings around most people.”

And so, with this in mind, here are some things that never get old:

Making grand plans

Until the age of ten, most of our big plans involve stealing sweets from our brothers and sisters. While we might (and that’s a firm ‘might’) grow out of that, one thing never changes: our desire to plan ahead, to daydream, to work out our next big adventure. Irene puts it beautifully: “I believe in romance and having fun. I always think we’re living in our golden years. We can enjoy it to the fullest.”

Trying new things (just for the heck of it)

Quite frankly, fifty is more of a springboard than a barrier. “You live again, you reinvent your youth, you come alive”, as Joan points out. Anna Mary Robertson (aka Grandma Moses) is the perfect example. Completely self-taught, she became a first-time artist at the age of 58. Twenty years later, her work was hanging at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Taking part in a bit of friendly competition

A little rivalry between friends keeps life interesting — just ask Federer and Nadal. Well, there’s plenty of action on our courts too, not to mention the clubhouse games, the writer’s comp and general everyday shenanigans. Take Joan, for example: “My current neighbour and I, on rubbish bin day, do this silly thing where we race out to see who brings the bins in”, she laughs.

Getting the giggles

Good friends can have us in fits of laughter whether we’re 5 or 55. And we’re happy to report that it happens a lot in our communities. As Joan says: “We have a lot of lively people here!” (Speaking of having a laugh, is this the best retort from an ‘over-50’ you’ve ever heard?)

Rewarding ourselves silly

Everyone deserves a bit of pampering now and then — especially after a few decades of hard work! For Irene, that includes a little luxury at home: “This is the first time in my life I’ve had a walk-in robe; the first time in my life I’ve had a butler’s pantry.”

Meeting someone we like (an awful lot)

Just because we turn 50 doesn’t mean the butterflies stop. As the proverb says: the older the violin, the sweeter the music. Of course, half the fun is talking about it with a close friend. And, you’re bound to find one of those at Lifestyle Communities. Joan adds, “I’ve made a very good friend across the road. We go out a lot together: lunches, brunches, coffee breaks, you name it”.

The truth is, some things never get old

And you know what? Neither do some people, not really, not on the inside. We’re still the same person we’ve always been. Same feelings, same get up and go (albeit slightly hampered by wear and tear). In fact, the only difference is that these days there’s something up with all the mirrors — when you look in, someone older looks out. The best thing about getting on a bit? Not taking life too seriously. As Chili Davis said, “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”