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Make a Difference in the Mother’s Day Classic 2021

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The Mother’s Day Classic Brings Communities Together
When community members come together, positive things can happen - and by joining the many homeowners from our Lifestyle Communities®’ locations across Victoria who are already registered to become part of our special team for the annual Mother’s Day Classic event on Saturday May 8, you can help fundraise for breast cancer research.

Charity Begins At Home
2020 had an impact on all of us in different ways and for charities that relied on live events, such as walks and runs, to raise money for important causes, the inability to connect people in a shared activity saw a measurable drop in donations received.
This year, though, as Australian life edges closer to ‘normal’, we’re looking forward to re-joining the iconic Mother’s Day fundraising initiative and inspiring even more participants.
In 2019, an amazing 551 Lifestylers completed the walk and raised the impressive sum of $33,140. After the enforced hiatus last year, when the event was cancelled because of COVID, this year’s Mother’s Day Classic offers a fantastic opportunity for even more homeowners to join the fun - and the fundraising!

Giving That is Good For You
When researchers at the US-based National Institutes of Health, the largest biomedical research agency in the world, conducted a study into the positive impacts of people who give to charities, they found that donating or volunteering for worthwhile causes activates regions of the brain that are associated with pleasure, trust and social connection. The scientists also revealed that altruistic behaviour releases endorphins in the brain - something that helps people who do good for others experience a warm glow, sometimes known as the ‘helper’s high’.
When it comes to taking part in the Mother’s Day Classic, though, those feel-good sensations are made even more healthy with the added goodness of enjoying physical activity that’s good for both your mind and body. Depending on your own local version of this iconic event, participants can be part of walks or runs over various distances, with most events offering the choice of 5km or 10km courses.

Choose an Event Location Near You
With more than 30 event locations across Victoria - from Templestowe to Traralgon - the 2021 Mother’s Day Classic gives teams right across the state easy access to getting involved, whether as a runner, a walker, or even a volunteer. And for those unable to be an active part of the event, it’s also easy to make a difference by making a tax-deductible donation via the event’s website at:

Lifestylers Supporting Medical Research for Healthier Lifestyles
The honour of being the biggest group in the 2019 Mother’s Day Classic event still makes everyone at Lifestyle Communities® so proud but with 50 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer every day*, there is still more work to do.
Just over 3,000 Australians registered for the first Mother's Day Classic event in 1998 and today the event attracts more than 100,000 entrants at more than 100 event locations around Australia.
By joining this year’s Lifestyle Communities® team, your financial support and involvement helps raise awareness and fund life-changing medical research that will, hopefully, see less Australians face the trauma of losing someone they care about to breast cancer.
For more information about how you can join our existing team, connect with our Lifestyle Communities®’ Wellness team at [email protected]

*Source: Breast Cancer Network Australia -