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Make 2020 Your Year of Physical Wellbeing


Welcome to 2020 and the perfect time to consider making the odd tweak to help you live your best possible life. This might mean carving out more time for family, friends or a new hobby. For many people however, physical wellbeing will feature heavily on the list of new year’s resolutions. We recently spoke with Deb Bayliss, a homeowner and personal trainer at Lifestyle Shepparton. Deb runs twice-weekly exercise classes for her fellow homeowners and offered some tips for those looking to make 2020 their year of physical fitness.


Just step in the door

Deb’s simple advice to those struggling for the motivation to exercise; “Just walk in the door and start”. Echoing Nike’s “Just Do It!” mantra, she’s got evidence to back the theory that good things begin with just one small step. “I’ve seen many women staring in through the window at my training sessions. They’re nervous it’s going to be out of their league but once they get a foot in the door they don’t look back”.


Train smarter, not harder

Deb runs circuit classes that combine cardio and weight training for both upper and lower body strength. Irrespective of the exercise, she is not one of those drill sergeants screaming at her troops and sets realistic goals for her clients. “It’s not about pushing yourself too hard. Go as hard or as easy as you like. My motivation is getting people up, about and off the couch.”


Make it social

Shortly after Deb moved into Lifestyle Shepparton, she began her exercise classes with 4 or 5 women. A few years on, she’s training 20 homeowners weekly and has had to order more equipment to cope with the demand. One reason for this success is that workouts always finish with a coffee and chat.


Don’t use the D word

One real fundamental for Deb is to not talk about dieting. “For me, it’s about healthy living and diets are all about what you can’t have.” The idea of depriving yourself of the things you enjoy creates a limiting rather than a positive mind set.

Throw the scales away

Deb’s final piece of advice is to throw away the scales and stop focusing on weight. “Fitness is about how you feel and your body shape. Often you’ll add muscle mass when you exercise, so you won’t see the benefits on the scales. Go down to St Vinnies and buy yourself a $5 dress that you’d like to fit into. Try that on every so often to get a better read on whether you’re getting fitter and healthier, rather than measuring your success in pure body weight.”



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