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Less Decibels, More Deanside

Deanside Clubhouse Twilight

There’s no feeling quite like arriving at the airport ahead of an exciting holiday. Hearing the rumble of the powerful aircraft engines is a welcome sound as you wait (preferably with a cocktail in hand!) in excited anticipation.

Perhaps this is the only time the bellowing of a jet engine evokes positive emotions – a realisation that is dawning on residents in suburbs surrounding Melbourne Airport as plans for a proposed third runway continue.

The additional runway, set for completion in 2027, will see additional noise pollution over the airport’s neighbouring suburbs, alarming residents in Keilor, Kealba, Bulla, Sunshine and Braybrook. Not exactly the best way to enjoy a peaceful retirement!

An acoustics expert has warned that “louder and more frequent aircraft noise from Melbourne Airport’s proposed third runway could affect a larger number of western suburbs residents than previously forecast.”

According to a report by The Guardian, based on current capacity and future projections, the additional runway would result in noise pollution of “around 70-80 decibels every three to six minutes” for the suburbs surrounding the proposed runway. An article in The Age states that “some residents are set to experience such volumes 200 or more times a day.” In other words, locals will need to really blast the TV to drown out the constant drone of aircraft engines!

This news has led residents of the affected suburbs to fear their homes will become unliveable due to the increased noise pollution. Unliveable also means unsellable at such an important time in the lives of Over 50's and Over 60's living in the area as they head towards retirement.

In an article by The Age, Bulla resident Theresa Micallef said, “it’s going to disturb our sleep, it’s going to disturb our way of living...I feel scared because we don’t want to shift. We can’t see ourselves living anywhere else.”

Fortunately, Lifestyle Deanside and the surrounding area, will remain untouched by the disruptions that the proposed runway will present, remaining a peaceful haven for over 50s and over 60s looking to downsize in the North West for their retirement.

The tranquillity of Lifestyle Deanside is one of the main reasons why homeowners can’t get enough.

"Lifestyle Deanside offers serenity and peacefulness that you don’t often get so close to the airport." - Lifestyle Deanside Homeowner who moved from Kealba.

This fact could prove especially comforting to those over 50s and retirees wanting to downsize close to their current home without fearing noise pollution affecting their daily lifestyles.

In addition to living peacefully, Lifestyle Deanside homeowners enjoy all the benefits of living in a low-maintenance home within a safe and secure gated community. Plus, they can experience poolside days and resort stays all year round, with incredible amenities on their doorstep. Homeowners have the great opportunity to soak up all the best bits of being on holiday without a check-out date – and without an aeroplane in sight!

"It’s a holiday every day here; no need to go away.” Lifestyle Deanside Homeowner

"The clubhouse is beautiful and has everything that you could wish for.” – David H, Homeowner at Deanside

At Lifestyle Deanside, locals of Melbourne's western suburbs can escape the not-to-soothing sounds of rumbling engines and embrace a lifestyle spent soaking up the serenity, surrounded by people on their wavelength.

If you want to learn more about what’s on offer at Lifestyle Deanside, click here or call us on 1300 50 55 60.