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We excited to provide some new information to all of our wonderful Homeowners at Lifestyle Bittern about the special part of our community known as the Biofilta and basin, located near the clubhouse. Both areas are unique to this community, and sensitive in terms of what is washed down the drains around the community and an aspect of the community we should all feel very proud about.

At Lifestyle Communities, we care deeply about the environment and are committed to building community facilities that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. When it rains and washes off our roof and roads, dust and road grime is carried to our drains and waterways. This runoff is called stormwater and if not treated, pollutes waterways downstream.

Urban development, like we’ve done at Lifestyle Bittern, causes the land surface to be less permeable and runoff increases as a result. This is simply because we’ve covered up much of the earth with homes, concrete and roadways. This runoff flows too quickly and causes erosion in waterways downstream. At Lifestyle Bittern, we have worked with experts Biofilta to design and install an innovative system that collects 100,000 litres of stormwater in underground tanks and then slowly filters this water through a large planter area near the Clubhouse. The collection of the water slows the flow rate and the planter area filters the pollutants using natural plants and processes.

Filtered water from the planter area then trickles into the pond which sustains the pond water level and overflow is then released to the downstream waterway, cleansed and at a manageable flow rate. The system is designed to meet Best Practice Environmental standards, reduce our impact on the sensitive environment in the Bittern area and positively contribute to the wider community.

The large basin also provides retention for big storm events to avoid flash flooding. In other words, in the event of a massive rainfall, we may expect the basin near the clubhouse to fill up and hold water, until the suburban stormwater systems can catch up and take the extra water.

Because the system is simple and uses natural treatment processes, maintenance costs are lower than a large wetland and take up a fraction of the land area. Next time you look at the plants in the planter area, think of them as a kidney for the environment.

With this in mind it’s so important that everyone who lives and works at Lifestyle Bittern is mindful about what ends up going down our drains, in the streets or in storm-water pits in some backyards. Whatever rubbish is left in the street and whatever waste solutions are poured down the stormwater drains, will find its way into the planter area filtration system and ultimately cause harm to that vitally important ecosystem. Please be mindful about our sensitive environment.

Lifestyle Communities are committed to providing environmentally sensitive developments using the latest and best technology available that is also great for the environment.

For more information, visit Biofilta’s website or call 1300 50 55 60.


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