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Healthy Joints: An interview with Gerald Quigley

17th July ARTICLE HERO Healthy Joints Gerald Quigley
Community pharmacist, master herbalist, media commentator and author Gerald Quigley recently presented engaging and informative seminars on Joint Health across all of our Communities. Gerald is a fountain of knowledge and we were lucky enough to interview him to provide a summary of his top tips on joint health.

What are the main contributors to joint pain?
Stress, poor food choices and not enough regular movement!

What are your top tips for maintaining joint health?
Anti-inflammatory foods: Fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season are important, as we’re biologically programmed to eat in season. Look out for cruciferous vegetables (e.g. Brussels sprouts and cabbage), brightly coloured fruit and vegetables and green leafy vegetables. Oily fish 2-3 times a week (e.g. salmon, tuna or sardines) and if necessary, a fish oil supplement.

Turmeric extract has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. To gain the therapeutic benefits, a water soluble supplement is best. Other beneficial supplements include aged garlic extract, ginger, magnesium and vitamin D (perhaps have your vitamin D levels tested at your doctors).

If the movement doesn’t feel comfortable don’t do it (make sure you try other options instead!). Social contact: Keep your friends close, keep your social interactions as frequent as possible — this is a very underestimated element of staying well.

What do you do to stay healthy?
Walking on a beach, playing sport with others (lawn bowls and golf) and having dinner with friends once a week.

“What a privilege to speak to such a vibrant and engaged group of people across the last two weeks. You seem to be really aware of the benefits of staying mobile with lots of activities and your willingness to be involved in our informal seminars was a delight. Stay healthy, and my very best wishes to you all.” — Gerald Quigley.