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Exploring near Lifestyle Geelong: Activities & Transport

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As we age, it's important to find activities that not only keep us active and engaged, but also provide social interaction and a sense of purpose. The suburb of Bell Park, where Lifestyle Geelong is located, offers a wide range of activities and transport options for over 50's. The activities are designed to provide both physical and mental stimulation for Lifestyle's downsizers. Here are some of the best activities for over 50's near Lifestyle Geelong:

Exercise classes

Many local gyms and community centres offer exercise classes specifically designed for seniors. These classes often include low-impact activities such as yoga, tai chi, and balance exercises that are easy on the joints and can help improve flexibility and balance.

Volunteer opportunities

There are many organisations in Bell Park that are always in need of volunteers. Whether it's helping out at a local hospital or animal shelter, or working on community projects, volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and meet new people.

Social clubs

Bell Park has a number of social clubs and groups that cater to seniors. These groups often organise outings and events such as day trips, group outings to the theatre, and game nights.

Art and craft classes

Many community centres and libraries in Bell Park offer art and craft classes for seniors. These classes are a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

Sports Clubs

Bell Park has a number of sports clubs that cater to seniors. These clubs often offer a range of sports such as lawn bowls, golf, and tennis, which can provide a sense of camaraderie and competition, while also keeping seniors active.

Lifestyle Geelong Community Activities

Lifestyle Geelong also offers a range of community activities and events at the retirement village. These activities are designed to cater to the interests and needs of the over 50's. These activities include fishing trips, walking groups, book clubs, and more across at the Lifestyle Community and also Victoria.


Living in a community like Lifestyle Geelong means having access to convenient and reliable public transport options. The suburb of Bell Park, where Lifestyle Geelong is located, offers a range of public transport options to make it easy for residents to get around and explore the city. Here are some of the best public transport options available near Lifestyle Geelong:

Bus Services

The suburb of Bell Park is well-connected by a network of bus services that run regularly throughout the day. These services connect Bell Park with other parts of Geelong, including the CBD and nearby suburbs. This makes it easy for residents to access shopping centres, medical facilities, and other amenities.

Train Services

The suburb of Bell Park is also served by a train station, North Geelong railway station, which is located just 3.4 km from Lifestyle Geelong. This station offers regular services to Melbourne and other parts of Victoria, making it easy for residents to travel to other parts of the state.

Community Bus

Lifestyle Geelong also provides a community bus service which can be utilised by residents to travel to nearby amenities such as supermarkets, shopping centres and medical facilities.

Taxis and Ubers

Taxis and Ubers are also readily available in the area and can be easily hailed for those who are not comfortable driving or who prefer not to use public transport.


For those who prefer to cycle, the suburb of Bell Park has a number of bike paths and trails that are perfect for exploring the local area. There are also very environmentally friendly electric bicycles at each community for homeowner use!

Lifestyle Geelong provides a great environment for over 50s to stay active as well as the convenience and flexibility of a range of public transport options. There are a wide range of activities that cater to different interests, needs and abilities. With a vibrant community and a focus on healthy living, Lifestyle Geelong is the perfect place for seniors to enjoy a fulfilling and active lifestyle in Melbourne.

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