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What exactly is a 90-year land lease?

What is the 90 year land lease

Lifestyle Communities® operates under a land lease model. Under this model, you buy your home and lease the land. Unlike many communities and traditional retirement villages that offer a “right to occupy”, Lifestyle Communities® offers a 90-year secure lease that is like a second asset as it provides a long term right and interest in the land. As the value of the land increases so does the value of the lease. This means, should you at any point choose to sell your home, you will benefit from any increases in the value of the land which you will receive in the sale price of your home. To find out more about our resales process, read our guide to selling your home at Lifestyle Communities®.

The cost to lease the land in our community is paid via the resort fee. The resort fee also includes access and maintenance of the resort-style facilities such as the Clubhouse, indoor pool and spa, gym, bowling green and more, as well as our onsite Lifestyle Managers who staff reception and help keep an eye on things.

The land lease also provides you with a clear and certain basis on which to make a decision about moving into a Lifestyle Community since you know your lease is secured for the next 90 years and for even greater peace of mind, you sell your home with a new 90-year lease.

View our 10 reasons to enjoy peace of mind with a secure 90-year land lease in our infographic below: