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Esther's favourite low cost camping spots in north and west Victoria

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If you’re travelling on a budget, did you know there’s plenty of low-cost campsites to choose? Lifestyle Chelsea Heights Community Manager Esther Van Houten shares some tips on how to camp and caravan without spending a fortune, while sharing some sweet spots to explore in Victoria's north and west.

Spend less than $15 a night

A few years ago, my husband John and I spent 28 weeks away in our caravan. By choosing low-cost camping options, we could get our accommodation costs down to an average of $12.82 per night.


We’d stay in low-cost caravan parks, where we’d take advantage of the mod-cons and recharge all of our batteries, before heading out again for a few nights in the bush or wayside camping areas.

By saving money on camping costs, we’d free up funds to spend in the little country towns we travelled through, therefore reinvesting in the local economy.

Low-cost camping in north western Victoria

Here’s just a few of our favourite camp spots in Victoria’s north and west. Don’t forget, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints!

Meredith Park — Colac

On the banks of Lake Colac in Victoria’s western districts, Meredith Park is the perfect spot for a few days relaxing in front of roaring fire as the sun goes down. This is a lovely camp site, however, be prepared for few amenities, except for a toilet block with flushing toilets. Meredith Park can be very busy in warm weather, and be aware of the winds that blow in gale force across the lake. We foolishly camped there in the winter and I remember saying that I didn’t think it was possible for it to be so cold without snow!

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Redda’s Park — Brim

The little town of Brim, nestled in the heart of the Wimmera, is a great little spot is on the Yarriambiack Creek. Brim is a little more famous these days due to the town’s Silo Art, created by artist Guido Van Helten depicting generations of the local community.

Redda’s Park only cost about $10 per night. There are great amenities including powered sites and BBQs, and from Brim you can do a tour of the Silo Artwork Trail, which stretches across 6 small towns.

If you’re into fishing, then don’t forget your rod! There is nothing more relaxing than throwing your line in, laying back with a beer or wine and watching the sun set over the Yarriambiack Creek.

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Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun

A little further up the Henty Highway, Lake Lascelles is a real gem situated within walking distance of Hopetoun. In the reserve, there are designated caravan sites complete with power and running water. Lake Lascelles is a very peaceful spot with amazing bird life. Hopetoun itself is regenerating as a thriving town and is well worth a visit. Again, if you’re a fisherman, don’t forget your rod and reel!

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