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Empowering Tomorrow: Lifestyle Meridian's Energy Revolution

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On Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, Lifestyle Meridian in Clyde North welcomed The Honourable Lily D'Ambrosio, Minister for Climate Action, Energy, and Resources, alongside guests and media representatives, for an exclusive tour of its groundbreaking solar energy and battery microgrid. This visit provided a firsthand look at our pioneering initiative, which is redefining sustainable community living.

LM Micro Grid Battery House James Mondo Minister Lily D'Ambrosio

In partnership with Mondo, a leading renewable energy provider, Lifestyle Meridian has installed Australia's largest solar microgrid of its kind. This ambitious project has already delivered substantial benefits, reducing homeowners' power bills by up to 30%.

LM Micro Grid Battery House

During the visit, Minister D'Ambrosio was impressed by the strides made in sustainable, low-cost energy and commended Lifestyle Meridian for its leadership in innovation. She emphasised the importance of initiatives like the microgrid in championing environmental stewardship and reducing reliance on traditional power sources.

James Kelly, our visionary Managing Director and co-founder, radiated pride in the project's role in advancing the company's commitment to social and environmental sustainability. He underscored the significance of providing clean and sustainable energy, both in reducing the cost of living for homeowners and contributing to a greener future.

LM Homeowner with Minister Lily D'Ambrosio

The microgrid, a result of months of collaboration, demonstrates the potential of clean energy within a community setting. By harnessing solar energy and storing it in a communal battery, Lifestyle Meridian has become a self-sufficient power entity, significantly reducing its environmental footprint.

As Minister D'Ambrosio and media representatives explored Lifestyle Meridian's state-of-the-art facilities and engaged with homeowners, it became evident that the microgrid was more than just a means of reducing electricity bills—it was a testament to the power of innovation and collective action in building a more sustainable future.

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