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Electric Car Revvv-olution Comes to Lifestyle Communities®.

Electric cars branded
Even if you’ve never been called a “car nut” or “rev head”, you may have noticed a change in the types of vehicles being driven on our roads today. The gas guzzling, heavy revving machines of decades gone by have made way for much lighter, quieter and less environmentally impactful cars, including some that don’t run on petrol at all. Lifestyle Communities® are excited to be leading the way towards a more environmentally sustainable world with our own foray into the electric car revolution.

From August 2019 onwards, if you happen to be visiting one of our newest communities at Lifestyle Ocean Grove, Lifestyle Berwick Waters, or Lifestyle Bittern, you may see some of our homeowners taking a spin in one of these modern electric cars. Each of these communities will proudly own a brand-new Hyundai IONIQ Electric car, available for all homeowners to use, in addition to the community buses that are a feature of all Lifestyle Communities®. The benefits of these electric cars are numerous, including the promotion of better air quality through zero harmful exhaust emissions, and the cost benefits of not being subjected to fluctuating and rising petrol prices. We simply love the environmental benefits of the IONIQ, along with opportunities to give our homeowners an innovative, cost and energy efficient carpool to their next outing. Each of these new communities will be fitted out with a dedicated car park for the new electric car and electric fast charging station that can power up the car to 80% charge within 25 minutes…faster than your mobile phone charger!

The move to electric cars is part of a broader Lifestyle Communities® transition to building more environmentally sustainable communities and aligned with an ethos of innovation and forward thinking that we bring to our home and community design. This is one of the many initiatives we are trialling over the coming months to ensure that we are creating amazing luxury communities for our homeowners that also help foster a better world for our future generations. If this proves to be a hit, you can expect to see these electric cars driving into other Lifestyle Communities® in the future.

Why not pay a visit to Lifestyle Berwick Waters, Lifestyle Bittern or Lifestyle Ocean Grove to check out these new electric cars along with a host of other 5-star luxury facilities.