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Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

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Long before “wellbeing” became a self-help buzzword, singer Bobby McFerrin had the right approach to life with his funny musical mantra Don’t worry, be happy. Many studies have indicated that waking up grateful, forgiving rather than holding onto resentment, and being able to see the positive in any situation, are as important determinants of life expectancy as diet and exercise. These are ideas to live by if you’re planning on living beyond 100, according to Andrew Jobling, ex-AFL footballer and author of The Wellness Puzzle. Recently, Jobling inspired and motivated homeowners at a number of Lifestyle Communities®, exploring his seven “pieces of the puzzle”, the building blocks for optimal wellbeing, enabling you to make the most of your body and live the very best life possible.

Most of us spend our precious time planning for the future rather than living in the present. We’ve grown up believing that being healthy means sacrificing indulgent goodies, but Jobling’s message is that the secrets to a longer life are more emotional and more holistic than solely focusing on diet and exercise. All of these elements do matter but finding a purpose in life that will sustain and motivate you may play a bigger role than you realise. Research indicates that your emotional state has as much of an impact as anything you put in your mouth, so enjoy that Happy Hour and stress less about the prospect of a few extra calories.

This may sound like some mystical powers of positive thinking, but it’s actually part of our physiology. Negative emotions impact our immune system, creating free radicals and cortisone that cause illness and ageing. Choosing happiness, joy, gratitude and forgiveness create the positive emotions that provide keys to our survival.

Jobling’s inspirational message was music to the ears of the Lifestyle Wellness team, who spend time with homeowners in all Lifestyle Communities® working towards many ideas espoused by The Wellness Puzzle. Lifestyle Wellness is a free program for all Lifestyle Communities® homeowners focusing on the four dimensions of your health, fitness, mind and soul. It covers everything from Yoga classes, to walking groups, sporting carnivals, charity events and talks with visiting experts on wellbeing — click here for more information. Alongside this fantastic wellness program, homeowners enjoy 5-star resort-style facilities including indoor heated pool and spa, cinema, gym, bowling green, and alfresco BBQ dining area whilst living among like-minded over 50s who are working, semi-retired, or retired, in a secure, gated community.

If you’d like to read Andrew Jobling’s The Wellness Puzzle, you can borrow a copy at any one of 18 Lifestyle Community libraries around Victoria. Click here to find a location closest to you.