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Declutter your pantry in 4 easy steps

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Now is a good time to take a look at a clutter-prone zone — the pantry. From mislabelled containers and half used packets of pasta and spices from long ago, the pantry is a great way to start your decluttering journey.

You put your food in, you put your food out

It might seem like a song and dance of hokey pokey, but taking everything out of your pantry or cupboards will help you visualise everything you’ve squirrelled away. What’s worth keeping and what’s going in the bin? Ask yourself these three simple questions to decide:

Have you used it in the last 12 months?
Is it expired?
Do you have more than one?

This part’s a bit crumby

Before everything goes back into the pantry, wipe down the shelves and surfaces with a damp cloth and cleaning agent to remove any potential crumbs or dirt build-up so the pantry is clean before re-stocking.

Get organised!

If you’re thinking about downsizing soon it might be worth investing in some good canisters and containers for storage. Stackable containers are a cost-effective investment to keep your shelves more organised, your food fresher and your pantry cleaner for longer.

Shelf bingo

Once you have sifted through and disposed of anything you no longer need it’s time to start restacking the pantry. Perhaps now you have grandchildren so the biscuit tin can’t sit on the bottom shelf anymore? Maybe you have a shoulder injury so the daily items might be kept a little lower? Arrange everything in a logical fashion and reap the benefits of your hard work; we guarantee next time you reach into your pantry for an afternoon snack you’ll be proud of your shelf.

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