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Dave and Joy's 5 must-do things in Alaska

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Lifestyle Casey Fields homeowners Dave and Joy Wearne recently enjoyed a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ in Alaska. First enjoying a spectacular 7-day cruise, they took in the sights of snow-capped mountains, and huge glaciers which flowed between the peaks into the still waters of the fjords. Next, they travelled overland from Whittier to Fairbanks partly in a glass-topped train. Since it’s autumn in Alaska, the trees are starting to shed their yellow, bronze and golden leaves. Picture a straight highway, with aspen trees dropping leaves, dark green fir trees standing behind with snow-capped mountains all around. To use the word magnificent would be an understatement. Alaska is truly spectacular part of the world.

For curious adventurers, Dave and Joy shared their 5 ‘must do’ things in Alaska.

Take the ‘Inside Passage’

Our 7-day cruise went through the Inside Passage, which gave us spectacular sights of snow-capped mountains, glaciers in different colours of blue and still clear waters dotted with beautiful small icebergs. Standing on the deck of the huge cruise ship, which was so small against the backdrop of massive mountains flowing with glaciers, is a memory we will never forget.

Go in 'Fall'

The scenery is something to behold, especially to experience their 'Fall'. There’s only one word - ‘wow’. Imagine a passenger coach travelling down a highway, on a sunny day, the aspen trees shedding their yellow leaves along with other trees dropping their leaves of bronze and gold. Behind, picture the different greens of fir trees, topped by snow-capped mountains, some shrouded by low clouds with their peaks protruding above. Everyone on the coach is silent.

Talk to locals

Make a point of talking to the people. We found the locals interesting to listen to as many come from remote parts of this huge land. They explained how their forbearers lived and survived in this harsh, demanding environment.

Fly over glaciers

You cannot escape mother nature, she does whatever she wants. We’re talking about the power of the glaciers, their trip down between mountains, pushing, forcing their way and only stopping when they want to. Take a helicopter flight to a glacier, stand on the glacier and listen…….to nothing, no wind, no birds….’s awesome!

Sample the seafood

Alaskan’s staple diet is seafood and we were treated to a ‘crab feast’. We thought it would be just a sample, but it was huge, sweet, tasty and washed down with some of their traditional beers……a great memory.

To say this trip was awesome would be an insult, it was far, far better than that. Here's some photos we took:

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