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Club Lifestyle: Reimagining Coastal Living for Homeowners

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If you’re lucky enough to be a homeowner of one of the beautiful Lifestyle Communities®, then you have exclusive access to Club Lifestyle - a feature packed program that has been designed with homeowners in mind. Unlock a world of benefits and unique experiences, as well as coastal adventures that are just begging to be had. With communities across Victoria, finding one that suits you is easy.

Benefits Of Joining Club Lifestyle

The benefits available to members of Club Lifestyle run far and wide. As part of your membership, you can enjoy holiday getaways all-year round. With short-stay villas open for booking at both Bellarine and Phillip Island, you can explore the great outdoors with ease. Being close to some of the world's most iconic beaches, restaurants and wineries is an added bonus too!

Headed down the Great Ocean Road? Why not park your caravan at any one of our sites along the way? We offer all the features you'd expect from a caravan park - amenities, kitchen facilities etc - but with an extra touch of refinement when it comes to being part of the Lifestyle Communities® family.

Also on offer is motorhomes exclusively available for homeowners that want to hit the road. These come complete with everything required for a comfortable drive and allow for exploration in new areas whenever inspiration strikes. After all, what better way to enjoy coastal life than by driving through it? You don't get these features at a retirement village.

Discovering What’s New

For those interested in seeing what’s new at either location there is much being done this year alone! At Lifestyle Bellarine new short stay villas are currently being built in preparation for 2023 when Phillip Island officially becomes a part of the larger community. As development progresses we will be introducing various additional features from time-to-time so it pays off to keep an eye out for updates!

Getting out and experiencing more doesn’t mean missing out on activities back home either; no matter what perimeters they may extend to we always welcome families back afterwards with open arms and remind them why they chose life at one of our communities in the first place!

Keeping Your Home Safe & Secure

At Club Lifestyle we understand how important it is that homeowners feel secure during times away or even throughout their everyday lives so we go above and beyond in providing security measures where possible without compromising on style or comfort. Downsizing means less worries.

This includes safety cameras installed around popular tourist spots as well as within nearby residential areas – giving members 24/7 peace-of-mind knowing their home won't face any uninvited guests while they're gone adventuring elsewhere!

Put The World At Your Fingertips

Club Lifestyle provides members access to an online platform where they can easily organise holidays or events within their own communities. They can also connect with other members looking out into wider areas. It doesn't matter if someone wants quick weekend away or longer trip abroad across Melbourne! This is the over 50's living you have been waiting for.

Whether carpooling across country borders or planning activities locally – there's something available everyone; likewise helping everyone make good use out their allotted vacation days while maximising what they get degree from each experience overall!

So if you're already living (or intending) to live at one of these wonderful communities don’t forget to sign up to Club Lifestyle today. This kind blue sky thinking isn't going anywhere anytime soon…

What to do on the Bellarine Peninsula

The Bellarine Peninsula, located on the southeastern coast of Australia, is a stunning and unique destination that offers a variety of things to see and do. Whether you love spending time outdoors or want to explore some of the area's historic sites, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the best things to do on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Visit Coastal Towns

One of the best ways to get a feel for local life is to seek out the small coastal towns that dot this coastline. There are plenty of affordable accommodation options available, so you can stay in one place and enjoy all that each town has to offer. Make sure you visit all the must-visit locations such as Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff, Portarlington and Barwon Heads. These charming towns have something different to offer visitors - from beachfront cafes and boutique shops to pubs and art galleries.

Take A Cruise Along The Bay

A cruise along Port Phillip Bay is one of the most relaxing ways to explore all that Bellarine has to offer. You'll be taken on a journey along one of Australia's most celebrated waterways, with spectacular views over both Port Phillip Bay and Corio Bay from your boat window! On board cruises can range from informative nature excursions (for those who want an educational experience) or leisurely dinner cruises (for those after a romantic night out).

Check Out Local Markets

One thing that makes Bellarine even more special are its many vibrant markets. From fresh food stalls with local produce like cheeses, fruits and vegetables; handmade jewellery stands; clothing stores; vintage items; arts & crafts; live music performances; wine tasting events; street performers – these markets really have it all! With markets usually popping up around weekends, they're also great places meet up with friends or check out what’s new in fashion trends while enjoying some delicious snacks freshly cooked right there!

Explore Historic Sites

As well as its natural beauty, Bellarine also boasts some incredible historic sites which make for wonderful days out. If you’re interested in learning about military history then head down Point Lonsdale for Fort Pearce & Gellibrand Hill where relics still remain from WWI & WWII army bases respectively – perfect for history buffs looking uncover hidden gems from decades past!

You could also take guided tours at Swan Island - NSW’s only real-life heritage shipwrecked island (the other being Middle Island) – offering visitors further insight into ancient maritime life aboard their self-guided exploration vessels before retiring back home afterwards feeling fulfilled by their day exploring colonial times gone by…

Enjoy Nature Walks Through Forests

If you feel like getting away from it all then why not take a stroll through one of many nature trails throughout forest trails around Bellarine? Here you can escape reality while exploring fascinating flora & fauna native here such as koalas & wallabies – giving visitors opportunity observe wildlife peacefully interact within environment around them whilst simultaneously getting dose endorphins through physical exercise too!

Alternatively if water activities more your thing than consider heading next door Anglesea river (where kayaking/canoeing adventurers await!) or make way Drysdale Reservoir surf some waves after long day spent exploring outdoorsy beauty surrounding yourself…

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