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Happiness! Decluttering your home can have great effects on your mental health. We can’t control some of the strains and stresses of modern life, but we can control the space we live in. Find out some of the benefits to decluttering your home: 

  1. Reduced stress

Breaking point… searching the Tupperware draw, only to find every lid is a mismatch. A two-minute task turned to twenty, when the tool you need is under a mountain of things.

By decluttering our home environment, it makes our day-to-day considerably easier, which means when faced with stressful life situations these small tasks aren’t leaving you pulling your hair out. 

  1. Feeling Good

Sometimes our self-esteem might not be at its best, we don’t need our belongings ganging up on us too.  When we surround ourselves with things we love and appreciate, we feel good about ourselves. The “extra” white t-shirt – the one with sweat stains, could be used one day when you do the gardening…. It doesn’t make you feel good and it’s adding to the clutter.

  1. Letting go

Objects can unsuspectingly remind us of unpleasant memories or feelings. The “thoughtful gift” from our ex mother-in-law that makes us seethe every time we see it. Decluttering helps us let go. It’s important to hold onto the memories we cherish; but keeping sentimental items at a minimum means we cherish them even more.

  1. Sense of achievement

Clutter and extra “stuff” can make us feel out of control. Decluttering can bring back a sense of control and achievement. Decluttering can be a big and daunting task, when finished it’s like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

Our environment can have an impact on our moods and wellbeing. If our surroundings are stressful or messy, we feel the impact. While it may seem like a daunting task, it can be tackled – just start slowly, one item at a time.  Start with items you don’t have a sentimental connection with. We have a simple guide to decluttering your pantry, start here

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