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9 benefits of retirement living that you never thought of

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Retirement is a whole new world, a world full of free time, family, friends, and fun. No matter what you’re most looking forward to, from getting to take a midweek swing at the golf course, the sleep-ins whenever you want, or the extra time you’ll have to spend with your loved ones, there’s an endless list of amazing ways to spend your retirement.

Sun-drenched days and laugh-laced nights are calling you, but first you’ve probably got some choices to make; like where are you going to live?! Whether you’re after a tree change or a sea change, if you’re trying to figure out if retirement living is right for you, consider these 9 benefits of it that you may not have thought of before.

1. Its like being on holiday all the time.
Picturing poolside days and resort stays? At a Lifestyle Community, that resort-style retirement is all yours. You get all the great bits about being on a holiday, but without a check out date. Beautifully maintained amenities, activities, adventures; you name it, retirement living can provide it. Plus, you get to enjoy the relaxing lifestyle with new friends and supported by friendly Community Managers. We’ll take a one-way ticket!

2. Be part of a community of like minded people.

Live the good life surrounded by others doing the same! Being part of a community is like an instant invite to the popular table; you’re surrounded by friends, people looking in from the outside are kind of jealous, and let’s be honest - you look great, because relaxation suits you.

Find the ‘Community’ in Lifestyle Community as you settle gleefully into your well-deserved retirement, surrounded by like-minded people. Enjoy meeting neighbours who share your values, interests, and view of the world, and watch them become friends before you can finish saying “Let’s grab a drink sometime.”

3. Its great for your mental health.
From your partner, your neighbours, Community Managers, and everyone else you’ll encounter daily, friendly faces make all the difference for your mental health. In fact, there are confirmed links between better self-esteem, stronger levels of empathy, more trusting relationships, and lower rates of depression and anxiety. Socialization is one of the keys to great mental health, and there’ll be an endless amount of it available to you as part of the Lifestyle Communities® family.

4. Let the movies come to you.

Say goodbye to sticky floors and stale, overpriced popcorn, because Lifestyle Communities® brings the movies to your front door, with on-site cinemas. Kick back and relax in an intimate, beautifully maintained cinema room and choose what you want to watch on the big screen; whether that’s a classic, something new, or Shrek 2, the choice is all yours, whenever you want it. Entertainment, on demand, right across the street.

5. Stay fit and healthy.

Trying to figure out how to spend all that free time you now have? Retirement means you’ve got plenty of time to continue - or begin - hobbies. Lifestyle Communities® have a variety of activities and spaces available to get active in, so whether you want to make a splash in the pool, pump some iron in the gym, or you’re ready to roll at the bowling green, there’s all the time in the world to focus on you and your health.

Staying active will also potentially lead to new friendships, maybe you’ll find a doubles partner for tennis, or finally find someone who gives you a run for your money in a game of billiards. Finding people with shared interests has never been easier - we’ve put them all in one spot with Lifestyle Communities®!

6. Somebody call security! Or not.

Lifestyle Communities® are super secure, with community managers on site to help keep things safe, and the joys of a gated community meaning you can stop stressing about home security and start living it up instead. The sense of unity that’s fostered between neighbours within a gated community also adds an additional layer of security, with the community looking out for each other and many voices to advocate for safety changes if ever required. Sleep easy knowing your home is secure and staff are standing by if you need them.

7. Fall in love with low maintenance living.
“I love spending the entire weekend weeding and cleaning” said no one ever. Reclaim your free time with a low maintenance lifestyle, including a green-thumbed gardening team to deal with the front yard for you, amenities beautifully cared for by our team, and an easily maintained home to make sure your free time is used for things you actually want to do. No maintenance, no worries. It’s time to spend more time doing what you want, and we’re willing to bet ‘scrubbing the toilet’ isn’t super high on that list.

8. Save yourself from living next door to a frat house.
Okay, so we might not have frat houses in Australia, but we’ve definitely all heard horror stories from living next door to share houses; the all night parties, recycling bins spilling over with beer bottles on the nature strip, and having to listen to the not-so-soothing sounds of techno music pumping through the air at 3am. A Lifestyle Communities® home ensures your retirement isn’t spent picking up cigarette butts flicked over the fence by rowdy 20 year olds, but rather spent soaking up the serenity, surrounded by people on your wavelength.

9. Live long and prosper.
Did you know only 25% of our life longevity is accounted for by genetics, with lifestyle choices making up the other 75%? With a positive lifestyle that includes living in a safe area, where you feel like part of a community, and participating in activities and relaxation that benefit your mental and physical health; move over Fame, we’re going to live forever. Particularly when the secret to a long, happy life lies in relationships! Where better to find new, exciting relationships than in a community full of like minded people?

If downsizing to a bigger life is calling your name, Lifestyles Community is here to help! We’ve got world class facilities, a team that will become like family, and low maintenance housing with your name on it, designed to make your retirement a breeze. If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to chat with you.