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6 Things That Only Get Better With Age


The acclaimed American writer Madeleine L’Engle, author of young adult fiction classics such as A Wrinkle In Time, once noted that “the great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.” It can be said that whilst youth is often associated with impetuous behaviour and a lack of self-identity, age brings the wisdom of experience, the art of patience and the ability to know oneself. But people aren’t the only beneficiaries of time. Here are 6 things that only get better with age.


Red Wine and Balsamic Vinegar get better with age.

The fermentation of red wine and balsamic vinegar become stronger over time, with tannins, sugar and natural acidity combining to create a richer flavour profile in a good bottle.


Whiskey improves through the ageing process.

You’re unlikely to have a celebrated drinking a two year old single malt whiskey (and we’re not sure there is such a thing!) and on the other side of this coin, you’ll certainly be frowned upon with scorn should you threaten to pour coca cola into an oak barrelled, 18 year scotch.

Some cheese varieties age particularly well.

With the right humidity and temperature conditions, cheddar, gruyere, parmigiana and manchego (to name a few) all taste better as they get older. But make sure you know what you are doing, before trying this at home, or you’ll end up with an unsightly mouldy mess!


Jeans actually get better as they wear

It might seem completely counter-intuitive, but based on the denim material, rivets and stitching, the feel of your old pair of jeans improves the more you wear them. The CEO of Levi’s, Chip Bergh, caused controversy when he claimed people should never wash their jeans. He suggested that the machine causes damage and he gives them a spot clean instead.


Fine leather only gets stronger and softer

Old leather is stronger than its newer variety. It becomes more resilient through the process of being stretched and pulled over time. Interestingly however, as it becomes stronger, it also gets softer and develops a more subtle smell to the strong waft of new leather.


Aged Beef is a true delicacy

According to Chef John Adler of US Meal Delivery company, Blue Apron, beef gets a delicious umami flavour when it’s dry-aged for a period of time, a process that softens the meat.




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