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Five simple yet impressive platter ideas for your next 'bring a plate' event

Platter ideas to bring to your next 22bring a plate22 event

So you've been invited to a gathering and you've been asked to 'bring a plate' to share but you're fresh out of ideas on what to bring and you don't have much time to prepare. We've rounded up five of our favourite, easy to prepare (and healthy) share plate ideas for your next 'bring a plate' event.

Kabana, cheese and picked onion bites:

An oldie but a goodie. No party would be complete without kabana, cheddar and picked onion bites! Simply chop-up some kabana and cheese, drain your mini pickled onions and assemble with toothpicks! To take your presentation up a notch, consider displaying by poking the spiky ends of the toothpick in a pineapple. Talk about a centrepiece!


The French certainly know what they're doing when it comes to entertaining with friends. A traditional crudités consists of healthy chopped raw veggies and delicious dips. Try to choose vegetables that are sturdy enough to hold up when dipping. We love capsicum (in all colours), carrot, celery and cucumber. Simply chop into sticks (or as the French say, 'julienne' style) and display in a circle around your platter with a cavity in the middle ready for your dip of choice. For the dip, we love aioli, hummus and tzatsiki.

There you have it! Not only is this option very quick and simple to prepare but you'll be chuffed knowing that you've helped to provide some healthy balance to a menu of sweet and salty indulgent treats!

Fruit skewers:

For a delicious and healthy sweet treat that doesn't require much prep, consider chopping up some of your favourite fruits and assembling your favourite fruit salad mix on a long skewer. Melon, grapes and berries work well for this as does pineapple. Consider choosing a few different fruits to make your skewers rainbow coloured and they'll be the standout on the food table.

Top tip: If you want to take your fruit skewers to the next level, consider adding a yogurt dip on the side or drizzling some dark chocolate over the top for a little added indulgence!

Prosciutto wrapped melon slices:

This extremely simple yet classic dish can be pulled together in a few moments and still leave your friends well impressed! We recommend a rockmelon or honey dew melon but really any melon will work. Slice long slices of melon around an inch thick for best results then wrap in prosciutto.

Antipasto platter:

The perfect way to impress without spending much time at all in the kitchen. Simply purchase some olives, cold meats, cheeses and crackers from the supermarket and arrange on a board of your choice. To balance the flavours, consider adding some dried fruit. The combination of the sweet dried fruits with the salty cheese and meats can make for a surprisingly good taste explosion you won't regret trying.

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