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20 years in the making

Wollert Clubhouse
They say practice makes perfect, and at Lifestyle Communities®, we’ve had a lot of practice delivering high-quality and affordable downsizing opportunities that create incredible lifestyle experiences.

For almost 20 years, Lifestyle Communities® has lived and breathed the wants and needs of the downsizer homeowner; consistently refining our approach, communities and homes to not only meet your needs — but exceed them! And with close to two decades of experience behind us, and 4,000 happy homeowners living across our 19 communities, our focus on giving you what you want; and what you need has never been sharper.

It’s safe to say we’ve had a lot of practice to perfect our craft of building incredible homes —we’ve built 2,930 of them! We’ve laid 270,649 square metres of floorboards, carpets and tiles — that’s enough to cover the MCG turf 15 times over, and we’ve installed over 8,790 appliances. And to get your imagination working, if you were to picture all of our homes lined up side by side, they would span 45km! That’s the distance from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula, as the crow flies.

Across our communities, we’ve designed, installed and delivered a range of quality amenities for our homeowners to call their own:

23 pools with 2,350 square metres of tiles

17 private cinemas with a total of 476 seats

774 square metres of bowling greens

2,726 square metres of tennis courts

Just to name a few.

The sum of these figures results in something far greater than any number; they combine to create endless opportunities for our homeowners to live bigger, better, brighter, bolder lives. And if there’s one thing we’ve always stayed committed to in our (almost!) two decades of business, it’s helping our homeowners upsize their lifestyles when they downsize to a Lifestyle Community.