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18 things to do with the grandkids on school holidays

18 things to do with the grandkids in victoria
School holidays are the perfect time to spend quality time with your grandchildren while also helping out your busy adult kids. The best thing? Spending time with your grandchildren creates memories they’ll carry throughout their lives. If you need some extra inspiration and ideas, here’s 18 things to do at home or out and about with primary aged kids.

Image via Visit Melbourne

Take them to Kryal Castle Adventure Park

Many youngsters would love to hear and experience what it feels like to be a knight, a princess, or a wizard. Kryal Castle Adventure Park offers an exciting medieval setting plus some fun bonuses like the Tooth Fairy Lolly Shop, the Wizard Magic Workshop, Braveheart’s playground, and a whole lot more. Enjoy the most out of your grandkids’ school holidays and take the whole family to spend a night at the castle’s 17 luxury suites.

Have some fun with old baby pictures.

Your grandkids might love to know what their parents look like as babies. Throw in a couple of cute and funny stories, like how their parents made a mess out of their first meals, their first baby steps, how they get adorably amused at the sound of paper being torn, and just about anything that shows their parents’ naughty or funny side when they were little.

Bring out the young bakers in them.

Kids love cookies! What better way to give them a crunchy treat than to let them help you bake them? This way, you can help them learn how to plan, follow instructions and use the kitchen in a fun and mouthwatering manner. Plus, you could pass down your very own family cookie recipe!

Step into their digital world.

Kids these days have iPads games as the bread and butter of home entertainment, join in! They will love to teach you the games they enjoy! Don’t have an Xbox handy? You can download games on your iPad.

Give them new books

Children at age 5 and above start to become cleverly creative and imaginative. Help your grandkids travel into their fantasy world by giving them storybooks as gifts. And even if you live far from your grandchildren, this is a gift you can share over the phone or via a Skype video call date!

Image via Melbourne Star

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

Most kids love things to be big! A giant teddy bear, an oversized lollipop, a big slice of chocolate cake, and a humungous observation wheel like the Melbourne Star! This 40-storey giant offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view over the Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay. Book a night ride with your grandkids to see a magical splendour of sights and lights.

Play a pirate game

Shiver me timbers! Play pirates in search of good ol’ treasures. Prior to this adventurous treat, hide a treasure of your choice in or around the house and draw a map. Let the children solve the clues and mysteries of the map as you watch.

Image via Geelong Adventure Park

Time to get wet at Geelong’s Adventure Park

Home to fun and fantastic water rides and features, the Geelong Adventure Park is a great daytrip destination for the whole family. Apart from spending super fun time with your kids and grandkids, swimming is also great for your health and wellness.

Tell the stories behind your jewelry box

Piece by piece, share stories with your grandkids about the origins of your most precious jewelry. You can also let your grandkids try some of your favorite pieces while telling them the family stories behind each one.

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A Maze’N Things

On popular holiday spot Phillip Island, A Maze’N Things offers mazes, puzzles, illusions, magic shows, scare rooms plus mini golf! Stay behind to see the penguins while you’re there.

Teach them how to do business

Learning the value of money is important. Help them think through ideas like gardening jobs, lemonade stands or other simple and appropriate ideas to explore the world of business.

Explore the artist in them

Encourage them to paint, draw, play music, write stories, do craft activities or build something from scratch. Art activities help kids explore and express their creativity while keeping them busy!

Healesville Sanctuary

Always a favourite, head to Healesville Sanctuary to get up close and personal with koalas, platypus, kangaroos, wombats and emus.

Victorian Goldfields Railway

The Victorian Goldfields Railway runs between the old gold mining towns of Castlemaine and Maldon. Enjoy a trip back in time on the steam train, and if you have some spare cash for an upgrade, take the first-class carriage to enjoy the whole trip in style.

Go green with your grandkids.

There’s no better way of encouraging your grandkids to care for the environment than teaching them to plant veggies, herbs and flowers in the garden. To make it more fun and easier for the children, buy some kid-size gardening tools.

Host a delicious tea party with the youngsters.

Make your tea party with your grandchildren extra special. Think of a theme that the children will love, like their favourite cartoon or fairy tale characters. You can also send the kids some theme-inspired invitation cards to make it look a little more formal.

Pull out some nice board games.

Who ever said that board games are just for the rainy days? If you are good at playing chess and checkers, this will be a good opportunity to teach your grandkids your own personal tricks and techniques of the game.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful and sunny day out in the city. Take the kids to the Ian Potter’s Children’s Garden for a little extra age-appropriate adventure.

Star gaze from the backyard

If the grandkids are staying for a sleepover, grab a telescope and constellation map and explore the night sky.

Do you have any other great ideas to share? Let us know!