We're in it for the long haul.

Learn more about our Deferred Management Fee from our Founder and Managing Director, James Kelly, and how it benefits each and every one of our homeowners

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Did you know that Lifestyle Communities is the only Land Lease operator in Australia that has a deferred management fee?

Did you also know that we're a Community Management company first and foremost, not a property developer, so our business model is all about long term homeowner happiness, not shabby buildings and fast profits as a property developer?

This is Deferred Management Fee is an innovation we introduced nearly 20 years ago as an incentive to ourselves to drive performance and accountability on ourselves on behalf of the homeowners who have trusted their happiness, health and investment with us.

What it gives you is a guarantee that we're with you for the long haul, looking after each of your communities and ensuring that your home value grows with this continued investment across the communities facilities, experience and reputation. The Deferred Management Fee holds us to account and ensures that we have a 30 year plan for the upkeep and modernisation of all our community facilities to make sure that we constantly contemporize them and ensure that they're always looking their best.