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In 2003 business partners James Kelly, Dael Perlov and Bruce Carter recognised a need for affordable luxury living that was not only safe and secure, but offered people a real sense of community. By 2004 the first community, Lifestyle Brookfield, opened its doors and was an instant success.

James, Dael and Bruce continued to evolve and develop their offering and by 2007 hundreds of people had downsized to a bigger life at Lifestyle Communities.  In the same year, the company was also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Of course the evolution and success of Lifestyle Communities over the last decade has been a team effort. The company currently has over 50 friendly and highly skilled staff who are more like family than employees. Everyone is committed to the vision of creating an affordable life of luxury in a vibrant community that is as warm and friendly as it is safe and secure.

To ensure Lifestyle Communities continues to provide an unmatched life for homeowners, ideas are regularly exchanged between the communities and acted upon.  At Lifestyle Communities, constant improvement is the order of the day. It’s our way of ensuring that the bigger life on offer is always full of surprises and delights.