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Taking care of our pets in lockdown

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Many of us have been adjusting to new routines these past few weeks, spending more time than normal in our homes.

Like us, many of our pet dogs are also likely to find this change difficult.

Break up the day where possible.

The current guidelines say we can leave the house once a day for exercise. Use this time to get some exercise for yourself and you fury friend.

Walking tracks may be busier than usual with other walkers and cyclists, or runners now unable to visit the gym. If your dog struggles with any of these, planning your route and avoiding popular times is crucial. Your dog may find their new routine more stressful than usual, so be understanding of this.

Keep them stimulated with puzzles

Providing mental stimulation for your dog is very important right now as it gives them something to do. Puzzles and food toys are a great way to relieve boredom.

Be flexible and go with the flow

The change to our daily lives in lockdown is challenging for us all. Taking time to spend with our pets is not only good for them but good for us too.

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