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Introducing Our Ocean Grove Community Managers: Brendan & Suzi

Lifestyle Ocean Grove Community Managers
It is with great excitement that we introduce you to the new Community Managers at Ocean Grove, Suzi & Brendan. We spent 5 mins getting to know them a bit better so that you could too!

Suzi and Brendan, you’ve been Community Managers at Lifestyle Lyndarum since 22 May 2015 what do you enjoy most about your job?

It’s not a job! It’s a lifestyle! We just love being a part of a community, our homeowners are our extended family, and we love spending time with them and creating happy moments.

What are you most looking forward to, moving to the Ocean Grove area?

We are looking forward to being in a regional coastal town and exploring a new area. Being kiwi’s, we haven’t ever been far from the sea, and excited about being close to it again enjoying the beach, fishing and going on walks. Also, being foodies, we can’t wait to enjoy all the regional delights on offer, including the locals wine and cider!

What do you love to do in your spare time?

We love spending time with our children Sera and Rory and supporting them with their many activities. We enjoy spending time with our friends, watching movies, listening to music, going to concerts, food and wine and exploring new places. Brendan is very sports mad, loves fishing and music. I like to read, dance, go on walks, travel and being involved with Rory’s rugby team (currently I am their Team Manager and medic.)

What does “community” mean to you?

Community means to us an extended Family, connected, living side by side, with the common goal of making the most of every day and moment, who supporting each other, no matter what, and bring out the best in each other.

What kinds of activities can the future homeowners at Lifestyle Ocean Grove expect to see?

Our community can look forward to a variety of activities, and an action-packed event calendar spoiled for choice. We are so fortunate to have so many amazing facilities that we can utilise to have a variety of activities, such as lawn bowls, aqua aerobics, Yoga, Tai Chi, croquet, billiards movie nights to pancake breakfasts on the BBQ. After being at the meet and greet on Thursday, we met so many talented homeowners who are moving into our community, so we are sure they would love to share their talents with others too, be it teaching us to dance, learning a new craft or playing cards — just to name a few! Then of course we can a variety of events/competitions such as footy tipping, dart, pool or scrabble tournaments, to trivia and bingo nights. And let’s not forget we have a van and a fishing boat! So, having the wonderful Bellarine Peninsula at our door step we will be able to go out on many outings — eating out, winery tours, mini golf, fishing trips - the list is endless!

What kinds of services can homeowners expect to receive from you?

Brendan and I are always happy to help, be it to collect your mail, receive parcels for you, reach those high places for you — change a light bulb or battery in your smoke alarm, collect your boxes, scan or fax an item, look for a service or be a helping hand with some task you need help with, help organise an outing, or connect you with someone in the community who likes to do the same thing, or just be there for a chat, a laugh or a hug when you need one!

You’ve enjoyed attending Meet & Greet events with new homeowners, how are they feeling about moving in?

We are super excited about moving in to Ocean Grove. It was so lovely to meet everyone at the Meet and Greet and the room was buzzing with excitement. It already had a sense of community. People all so looking forward to this new adventure, making new friends, and all the wonderful things they will be able to do in their new home and clubhouse!

What advice would you give people who are thinking of moving to Lifestyle Ocean Grove?

Seize the moment and do it. To make the most of this Lifestyle is to start doing it now, not later. This is the chance to do something for you. To make the most of every day. Why continue to spend all your weekends looking after a large home and have rooms you don’t use. Downsize and enjoy every day doing things for you. Take those trips you want to do, spend more time with loved ones, try out that new activity you always wanted to. Why wait! You deserve it!

Finally, the most important question: Pineapple on a pizza? Yes or no?

Brendan, Suzi and Rory A DEFINITE NO! Sera a definite YES.